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A Nightmare on Coronation Street..

10 questions on nasty coronation street characters. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who is this ''coronation street'' character that was battered with a statue while receiving a lap dance?

  • Charlie Pots
  • Charlie Fags
  • Charlie Stubbs
  • Charlie Pipe

Question 2 Photo

The delightful ''David Platt'' pictured here is played by who?

  • Jack P Shephard
  • Jack P Sheep
  • Jack P Collie
  • Jack P Comeby

Question 3 Photo

Who did ''Katy Harris'' kill with a wrench on ''coronation street'' in March 2005?

  • Her Lover
  • Her Brother
  • Her Mom
  • Her Dad

Question 4 Photo

Who killed ''Frank Foster'' in the knicker factory on ''coronation street''?

  • Sally Webster
  • Peter Barlow
  • His mum
  • Carla Conner

Question 5 Photo

How did Gail Platt describe ''coronation street'' killer ''Richard Hillman'' after he confessed to her?

  • Norman Bates with a briefcase
  • Jack the Ripper with a tie on
  • Peter Sutcliffe with a hatchback
  • Fred West with a parting

Question 6 Photo

Who is this nasty piece of work played by ''Lee Boardman''?

  • Jezz Quagmire
  • Jezz Abell
  • Jezz Piece
  • Jezz Quigley

Question 7 Photo

Who did ''Tony Gordon'' try to kill by pushing them in to the canal because he knew they couldn't swim??

  • Ken Barlow
  • Roy Cropper
  • Rita Fairclough
  • Norris Coleman

Question 8 Photo

Who is this recurring ''coronation street'' character played by ''Nigel Pivaro''?

  • Terry Swan
  • Terry Swallow
  • Terry Pidgeon
  • Terry Duckworth

Question 9 Photo

Who did ''Tracy Barlow'' Kill on ''coronation street''?

  • Richard Hillman
  • Jezz Quigley
  • Tony Gordon
  • Charlie Stubbs

Question 10 Photo

Which ''coronation street'' actor was the subject of the headline pictured? (Naughty boy)

  • William Roache (Ken Barlow)
  • Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster)
  • Malcolm Hebden (Norris Cole)
  • Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw)