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Rapala Lure Photo Quiz

Can you identify the lures from the pictures ? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What type of Rapala lure is this?

  • Fat Rap
  • Minnow Rap
  • Shad Rap
  • Team Esko

Question 2 Photo

This collection of lures are the various sizes of which Rapala lure?

  • Team Esko
  • DT series
  • Risto Rap
  • Fat Rap

Question 3 Photo

This fierce looking little chap is a great perch catcher..but what is it called?

  • Little S
  • Alphabait
  • Fat Rap
  • DT4

Question 4 Photo

Some love them, some hate them..but what is the name of this Iconic Rapala Lure?

  • Shad Rap
  • Super Shad Rap
  • Magnum
  • Husky Jerk

Question 5 Photo

It's got a lip as big as Mick Jagger but it's more likely to be used by Mick Brown. But what is it?

  • Minnow Rap
  • Original Minnow
  • Team Esko
  • Tail Dancer

Question 6 Photo

He may not look like a bundle of laughs at a party, but he is the guy who created the very first Rapala lure. What is his name ?

  • Lauri Rapala
  • Anders Rapala
  • Risto Rapala
  • Esko Rapala

Question 7 Photo

It's a great looking lure in a classic colour. So what is this colour scheme actually called ?

  • Purpleparr
  • Purplefoil
  • Purplesmolt
  • Purpledescent

Question 8 Photo

Guess what..it's another crankbait ! But can you name it?

  • Original Minnow
  • Lauri Special
  • Minnow Rap
  • Husky Jerk

Question 9 Photo

This is a great trolling lure that will catch just about every big predator there is..so what is it?

  • Countdown Magnum
  • Magnum F14
  • Magnum Rap
  • Trolling Rap

Question 10 Photo

Yup just for a change it's a crankbait :) This model was designed by David Fritz. So for one last time..can you name it ?

  • MR6
  • CT8
  • DT6
  • DF6