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British History Quiz

For those who enjoy British history 10 Questions.

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What was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mercia?

  • Leicester
  • Chester
  • Nottingham
  • Tamworth


What was the name of the last native Prince of Wales?

  • Rhys ap Tudur
  • Owain Glyndŵr
  • Gruffydd ap Llywelyn
  • Gruffudd Fychan II


What was the name given to the area of Ireland that was under direct English rule in the late Middle ages?

  • The ulster plantation
  • The Munster plantation
  • Confederation of Kilkenny
  • The pale


In which year was Magna Carta issued?

  • 1066
  • 1189
  • 1215
  • 1485


The Tudor monarch, Edward VI, died of which disease?

  • Syphilis
  • Small pox
  • TB
  • Typhoid


Which battle is often seen as the major turning point in favour of the Parliamentarians during the First English Civil war?

  • The Battle of Edghill
  • The Battle of Turnham Green
  • The Battle of Naseby
  • The 2nd Battle of Newbury


What is the name of the only British Prime minister to have been assassinated?

  • Lord Liverpool
  • Robert Walpole
  • Robert Peel
  • Spencer Perceval


What was the name of the crisis that brought Britain and France to the brink of war in 1898?

  • The Morocco Crisis
  • The Fashoda Crisis
  • The Suez Canal Crisis
  • The Great Eastern Crisis


From which french town did the British Expeditionary Force have to be evacuated in the summer of 1940 during World War 2?

  • Calais
  • Le Harve
  • Dunkirk
  • Dieppe


Who was the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK on the eve of the 1997 General Election?

  • Ken Clarke
  • Michael Howard
  • Michael Portillo
  • Michael Heseltine