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'Man About The House' TV Quiz

A quiz about three flatmates. 10 Questions.

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In 'Man about the house', where do Crissy and Jo find Robin?

  • Asleep in the bath
  • In the cupboard
  • On the kitchen table
  • In their bedroom


In 'Man about the house', why were they having a party?

  • Jo's birthday
  • Their flatmate left to have a baby
  • Crissy's engagement
  • Housewarming


In 'Man about the house', what was Robin studying at the technical college?

  • Hair and Beauty
  • Dress designing
  • Cooking
  • Car mechanics


In 'Man about the house', who was the couple who lived downstairs?

  • Margo and Jerry
  • Terry and June
  • Victor and Margaret
  • George and Mildred


What was the spin off series to 'Man about the house?

  • George and Mildred
  • Robin's nest
  • Three's company
  • Love thy neighbour


In the episode 'and mother makes four' in 'Man about the house', why didn't Crissy think her mother would approve of Robin?

  • Because he was gay
  • Because he was black
  • Because he was a man
  • Because he was married


In 'Man about the house', what was the name of Robin's friend who lived upstairs in the attic?

  • Harry
  • Larry
  • Barry
  • Gary


In 'Man about the house', who did Crissy marry in the final series?

  • Larry
  • Jo's cousin
  • Robin's brother
  • Mildred's nephew


In 'man about the house', what was the first episode called?

  • Match of the day
  • Some enchanted evening
  • No children, no dogs
  • Three's a crowd


Who created 'Man about the house'?

  • Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke
  • David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
  • Vince Powell and Harry Driver
  • John Esmonde and Bob Larbey