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One Direction 'Up all night' Quiz

How well do you know the songs from one direction' album 'Up all Night' ? 8 Questions.

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In which One Direction song to these lyrics appear ' If only time could just turn back'?

  • I wish
  • I want
  • Tell me a lie
  • One thing

Question 2 Photo

Who sings the beginning of the One Direction song 'taken'?

  • Harry
  • Louis
  • Liam
  • Zayn

Question 3 Photo

Who sings the lyrics 'Find out what went wrong with out blaming each other' in the song same mistakes by One Direction?

  • Liam
  • Zayn
  • Harry
  • Niall

Question 4 Photo

Put the songs in the order in which appear on the One Direction 'Up All Night' album?

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  • What makes you beautiful
  • Taken
  • Up all night
  • More than this


Who sings which parts in the songs that feature on the One Direction 'Up all night' album?

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  • Harry
  • Louis
  • Zayn
  • Niall


  • Give you this, give you that blow a kiss take it back
  • Now i'm climbin' the walls but you don't notice at all
  • He takes your hand I die a little i watch your eyes and i'm in riddles
  • Then I see you on the street in his arms i get weak

Question 6 Photo

Which song do the lyrics 'On the other side of the world it don't matter i'll be there in two- there in two- there in two appear on the One Direction album?

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Question 7 Photo

Who in the One Direction music video 'Gotta be you' gets on a train?

  • Liam
  • Louis
  • Zayn
  • Harry

Question 8 Photo

What was one direction' debut single?

  • Gotta be you
  • One thing
  • Save you tonight
  • What makes you beautiful