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Friends of F*R*I*E*N*D*S

We all know the six friends. How much do you know about the friends of the friends? 30 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

My famous catch phrase is "I'm just saying...". Can you name Ross and Monica's dad?

  • Jim
  • Jeff
  • Jack
  • John

Question 2 Photo

I often makes condescending remarks about Monica's lack of a love life. Can you name Ross and Monica's mom?

  • Jill
  • Christina
  • Cathy
  • Judy

Question 3 Photo

Rachel left me at the alter. I ended up marring her best friend Mindy. Can you name Rachel's jilted ex-fiance?

  • Barry
  • Jerry
  • Larry
  • Gary

Question 4 Photo

I was actually the first to marry Ross. We have a son together. Can you name Ross's first ex-wife?

  • Mona
  • Carol
  • Cathy
  • Susan

Question 5 Photo

I have a huge crush on Rachel. I was even the one who told Rachel that Ross cheated on her. Can you name the manager of Central Perk?

  • Phillip
  • Terry
  • Bryce
  • Gunther

Question 6 Photo

I was a star in a commercial for "Monkey Shine Beer" and the movie "Outbreak II". Can you name Ross's illegal pet monkey?

  • Marcel
  • Clunkers
  • LaPooh
  • Kong

Question 7 Photo

I am probably the most famous "FRIENDS" guest star, having appeared in every season. Ohhh...my...god, can you name Chandler's ex-girlfriend?

  • Jennifer
  • Janice
  • Jessica
  • Jackie

Question 8 Photo

When I passed away I left everything to "The noisy girls upstairs". Can you name Monica and Rachel's downstairs neighbor?

  • Mr. Chuckles
  • Mr. Furley
  • Mr. Heckles
  • Mr. Weezel

Question 9 Photo

Ross was jealous of me when I started dating Rachel. However, she dumped me after I groped Phoebe. Can you name the girl's Italian neighbor?

  • Paolo
  • Antonio
  • Carlo
  • Fabio

Question 10 Photo

I am the physicist that Phoebe fell in love with. Although, she turned me down when I proposed to her. Can you name the guy who never should have moved to Minsk?

  • Johnathan
  • David
  • Hank
  • Phillip

Question 11 Photo

I am a best-selling erotic novelist. I even appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Can you name Chandler's mom?

  • Becky
  • Tina
  • Nora
  • Morgan

Question 12 Photo

I actually started as a character on "Mad About You" who was played by Lisa Kudrow. I dated Joey at one time. So, can you name Phoebe's twin sister?

  • Emma
  • Uma
  • Amanda
  • Ursala

Question 13 Photo

I was born in season one of "FRIENDS". I got a nasty bump on my head from aunt Monica. Can you name Ross's son?

  • Stewart
  • Ben
  • Charles
  • Darwin

Question 14 Photo

I reconnected with Ross when he took a trip to China. Amazingly, we never got married. Can you name this old graduate colleague of Ross's?

  • Jamie
  • Lauren
  • Julie
  • Lisa

Question 15 Photo

I was going to hire Monica to run my restaurant. Then Phoebe fixed me up on a date with Rachel to try and get her and Ross back together. Can you name "The Stoned Guy"?

  • Jeff
  • Paul
  • Alex
  • Steve

Question 16 Photo

The Friends stuck me with a giant poking device when they thought I was dead! Ross moved into my apartment. Can you name Monica's obese neighbor across the street?

  • Ugly Naked Guy
  • Lazy Nake Guy
  • Obese Naked Guy
  • Crazy Naked Guy

Question 17 Photo

The girls thought I was playing hardball when it came to fixing their radiator. Joey taught me how to dance. Can you name the superintendent of Monica's apartment?

  • Mr. Krueger
  • Mr. Furley
  • Mr. Treeger
  • Mr. Haggerty

Question 18 Photo

I have always supported Joey's career as an actor. I was the one who got him a job on "Days of Our Lives". Can you name Joey's agent?

  • Martha
  • Caroline
  • Helene
  • Estelle

Question 19 Photo

I am an ophthalmologist and a best friend of Jack Geller. I even tried to steal Monica away from Chandler before he could propose. Can you name Monica's ex-boyfriend?

  • Richard
  • Thomas
  • Robert
  • Timothy

Question 20 Photo

I moved in with Chandler when Joey found a place of his own. I hate "Baywatch" and accused Chandler of killing my goldfish, "Buddy". Can you name this psycho?

  • Kip
  • Eddie
  • Vince
  • Adam

Question 21 Photo

"My sister is gonna have my baby!". Can you name Phoebe's half brother?

  • Steve
  • Eric
  • Carl
  • Frank

Question 22 Photo

I am the girl Ross slept with when he and Rachel were "On a break". Can you name the "The girl from the copy place"?

  • Chloe
  • Kim
  • Stevanne
  • Jackie

Question 23 Photo

I was a computer software genius and multi-millionaire who dreamed of becoming the ultimate fighting champion. Can you name the man Monica dumped when he wouldn't give up his dream?

  • Bill
  • Pete
  • Paul
  • Jon

Question 24 Photo

I alway's thought Rachel and Ross's baby's name was Ella. When I was babysitting her I got her ear's pierced. Can you name Rachel's sister?

  • Jill
  • Mona
  • Amy
  • Elizabeth

Question 25 Photo

Ross and I got married in London. I told him that he could never talk to Rachel again, if our marriage was going to work. Can you name Ross's 2nd ex-wife?

  • Emily
  • Elizabeth
  • Erin
  • Emma

Question 26 Photo

Joey set me and Phoebe up on a blind date. I almost changed my name to Crap Bag. Can you name Phoebe's husband?

  • Phil
  • Mike
  • Mitch
  • Paul

Question 27 Photo

I dated Jennifer Aniston in real life. Her character Rachel proposed to me after our third date. Can you name this Bloomingdale's personal shopper?

  • Johnathan
  • Jackson
  • Joshua
  • Joseph

Question 28 Photo

I hated Ross because he dated my daughter Elizabeth. He black-mailed me at my own cabin. Can you name this boyfriend of Rachel's?

  • John
  • Michael
  • Bruce
  • Paul

Question 29 Photo

I met Ross at Monica and Chandler's wedding. When Rachel went into false labor, Ross forgot me at the movie theatre. Can you name Ross's forgiving girlfriend?

  • Stephanie
  • Mona
  • Michelle
  • Sarah

Question 30 Photo

Chandler and Monica adopted my baby. In fact, I added an extra surprise for them when I delivered twins. Who am I?

  • Jackie
  • Elena
  • Jasmine
  • Erica