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Ivor The Engine Quiz

General Triviala about the childrens's tales of the talking steam engine 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who wrote the "Ivor The Engine" stories?

  • A.A. Milne
  • Oliver Postgate
  • Reverend Wilbert Awdry
  • Edith Nesbitt

Question 2 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" where does Ivor live?

  • In Newcastle Coal Mine
  • In The Mountains Of Scotland¬Ě
  • The Dales Of Yorkshire"
  • The Top Left-Hand Corner Of Wales

Question 3 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" who is Ivor's driver?

  • Jones The Steam
  • Evans The Song
  • Mr. Dinwiddy
  • Idris the Dragon

Question 4 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" what does Ivor LOVE doing?

  • Dancing
  • Racing Rabbits
  • Singing
  • Shunting

Question 5 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" who was born in Ivor's fire?

  • Juggernaut
  • Morgan the Roundabout
  • Owen The Signal
  • Idris The Dragon

Question 6 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" who bought the Railway to save it from Nationalisation?

  • Dai The Station
  • Mrs. Porty
  • Evans The Song
  • Owen The Signal

Question 7 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" what is the name of the company for which Ivor works?

  • Mid Atlantic Light Railway Transport Co Ltd
  • Manchester & Leeds Rail Travel Co Ltd
  • Merioneth & Llantisilly Railway Traction Co Ltd
  • Morgan & Lewellyn's Reading To Cornwall Line

Question 8 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" where does Ivor sleep?

  • In a shed, in a siding, at the end of the railway
  • Behind the station, on an old spur
  • In siding, in a cutting, in the hillside
  • In a shed, on an old spur, behind the station.

Question 9 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" where did Ivor often deliver coal?

  • Llaniog Blacksmith's
  • Grumbly Gas Works
  • Llanmad Bakery
  • Merioneth Power Station

Question 10 Photo

"In Ivor the Engine" what was Ivor's favourite run?

  • Into The Village
  • Through The Valley
  • Along By The River
  • Along The Top Of The Hill