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Medical Imaging Equipment Quiz!

This quiz tests your knowledge of medical imaging equipment and their uses 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What does the acronym PET mean?

  • Positron Emission Tomography
  • Positive Electron Tomography
  • Positive Emission Tomography
  • Positively Electrified Tomography

Question 2 Photo

Which imaging system best lets physicians see how the body is functioning and is used to measure its chemical and biological processes?

  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Computed Tomography Imaging
  • Molecular Imaging
  • X-ray Imaging

Question 3 Photo

Which imaging system uses light to interrogate cellular and molecular functions?

  • Computed Tomography Imaging
  • Bone Scan Imaging
  • X-ray Imaging
  • Optical Imaging

Question 4 Photo

What is another name for a Computed Tomography (CT) Scan?

  • Computerized Axial Tomography Scan
  • Computed Assessment Tomography Scan
  • Computerized Assessment Tomography Scan
  • Computed Axial Tomography Scan

Question 5 Photo

What is the name of the phenomenon when the nuclei of certain atoms are immersed in a static magnetic field and exposed to a second oscillating magnetic field?

  • Nuclear Oscillation
  • Nuclear Oscillatory Resonance
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Nuclear Magnetic Oscillation

Question 6 Photo

Which system, based on the variable absorption of x rays by different tissues produces cross sectional images or "slices" of anatomy

  • Computed Tomography Imaging
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Optical Imaging
  • X-Ray Imaging

Question 7 Photo

What does a bone scan show?

  • Areas of increased or decreased bone density
  • Areas of increased or decreased bone turnover
  • areas of increased natural bone radiation
  • areas of decreased natural bone radiation

Question 8 Photo

What type of equipment measures for mineral losses?

  • Bone Scan Imaging
  • X-Ray Imaging
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Question 9 Photo

An ultrasound machine uses what kinds of energy to create images?

  • High-frequency magnetic energy
  • Low-frequency sound waves
  • High-frequency sound waves
  • Low-frequency magnetic energy

Question 10 Photo

What type of imaging started out as a form of tomographic imaging?

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Bone Scan Imaging
  • Optical Imaging
  • Ultrasound Imaging