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Common Phrases Quiz

Phrases in every day use, but where do they come from? 8 Questions.

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Where does the phrase "Son of a Gun" come from?

  • The orphan of a cowboy gunslinger
  • The chief armourer of a fort in the 1600/1700's
  • Born beside a cannon on a gun deck
  • Apprentice gunsmith


To what does the expression to "Freeze the Balls of a Brass Monkey" refer to?

  • Silver balls on an iced cake
  • Musket balls
  • Cannon balls
  • Monkey testicles


What would you be doing when "Learning the Ropes"?

  • Learning to sail
  • Learning how to erect the big top in a circus
  • Operating a cross river ferry of old.
  • Attaching a gun carriage to a string of six horses


Where was the phrase "A Bull in a China Shop" coined?

  • Stafford
  • Smithfield Market
  • Leadenhall Market
  • Royal Doulton pottery


Where would you get a "square meal"?

  • Whitechapel in the 1900's
  • Residing in an alms house
  • On a ship of the line
  • A Military hospital in the early 1800's


Where would you be going if you were "On the Wagon"?

  • The gallows
  • Prison
  • A wedding
  • To market


Why are you in trouble if you are "In Clink"?

  • You are about to go bankrupt
  • You are in Prison
  • You are being lead to an early mental institution
  • Stuck on a steam train that has run out of coal


Why is the Lord of the Manor et al known as "The Upper Crust"?

  • They have enough money to leave food on their plate.
  • They are served the crackling on spit roasted pork.
  • They can afford to blow the sudes of a glass of beer.
  • They get the top portion of newly baked bread.