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Keeping up Appearances Trivia Quiz

A quiz on one of my favourite comedies 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In 'Keeping up appearances', what happens when Elizabeth has coffee with Hyacinth?

  • She always spills her coffee
  • She gets the hiccups
  • She unintentionally upsets Hyacinth
  • She gets the sneezezes

Question 2 Photo

In 'Keeping up appearances', what is Onslo's favourite pastime?

  • Gardening
  • Watching racing on the telly
  • Playing lawn bowls
  • Making beer

Question 3 Photo

What is does Daisy do most of the time in 'Keeping up appearances'?

  • Singing in a choir
  • Volunteering
  • Read romance novels
  • Crossword puzzles

Question 4 Photo

In 'Keeping up appearances', what business do telephone callers keep mistaking Hyacinth with?

  • A hair salon
  • A massage parlour
  • A brothel
  • A chinese takeaway

Question 5 Photo

Why is Emmett from 'Keeping up appearances', always trying to avoid Hyacinth?

  • He is afraid she'll sing at him
  • She will try and run him over
  • She will try to kiss him
  • She will always borrow money from him

Question 6 Photo

In one episode of 'Keeping up appearances', Rose got a job. What was it?

  • Working in a salon
  • Selling jewellry door to door
  • A secretary
  • Working in a shop


What is the name of the fourth sister in 'Keeping up appearances'. The one with a swimming pool, room for a pony and a mercedes?

  • Iris
  • Primrose
  • Violet
  • Poppy


In 'Keeping up appearances', what always happens to Hyacinth when she enters Onslo's yard?

  • She trips over the doormat
  • An overgrown tree branch hits her in the face
  • She trads on the cat's tail
  • The dog barks at her and she falls into the shrub


What is the name of Hyacinth and Richard's son in "Keeping up appearances'?

  • Sheridan
  • Douglas
  • Tarquin
  • Tristram

Question 10 Photo

Where did Richard work before he retired in 'Keeping up appearances'?

  • The bank
  • The council
  • The local school
  • The police station