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One Foot In The Grave Trivia Quiz

A quiz for all Victor Meldrew fans 12 Questions.

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In 'One foot in the grave', what job did Victor have before he retired?

  • Bus driver
  • Security guard
  • Caretaker
  • Funeral director


What was Margaret's job in 'One foot in the grave?

  • Florist
  • Hairresser
  • Secretary
  • Nurse

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In 'One foot in the grave', what was their friend's name?

  • Mrs Waters
  • Mrs Walters
  • Mrs Warboys
  • Mrs Walton


In 'One foot in the grave', what was odd about Mr Swainey's mother in the show?

  • She was a dwarf
  • She was a giant
  • She was an alien
  • We never got to see her

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In 'One foot in the grave', what were the names of their next door neighbours?

  • Patrick and Pippa
  • Peter and Patricia
  • Paul and Polly
  • Patrick and Paula


What was Victor's brother's name in 'One foot in the grave'?

  • Arthur
  • Alfred
  • Henry
  • Harold


In an episode of 'One foot in the grave', Victor was trying to get rid of an item of clothing, but it kept coming back to him. What was it?

  • Hat
  • Tie
  • Jumper
  • Belt


In another episode of 'One foot in the grave', Victor received an unusual gift while on holiday's at a friend's beachside resort. What was this gift?

  • Coffin
  • Hearse
  • Headstone
  • Wreath


Victor from 'One foot in the grave' also received another strange gift from a friend who committed suicide in another episode. What was this gift?

  • Glass eyes
  • Hairpieces
  • Contact lenses
  • Sets of false teeth


Victor in 'One foot in the grave', had a well known catch phrase. What was it?

  • I don't believe it
  • Crikey mother of god
  • Cor Blimey
  • You silly moo


In an episode of 'One foot in the grave', the Meldrew's came home from holidays to find what happened to their house?

  • It was burgled
  • It was demolished
  • It had squatters
  • It caught fire


In the very last episode of 'One foot in the grave', how did Victor die?

  • He had a heart attack
  • He was in a car crash
  • He was killed by a hit and run driver
  • He committed suicide