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More Highway Code Questions

How well do you know your Highway Code? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

According to the Highway Code, if you are approaching a traffic light at red what will be the next colour.

  • Green
  • Red and amber
  • Amber
  • Green and amber

Question 2 Photo

Your car pulls to the side when braking. What should you do, according to the Highway Code?

  • Change the tyres around
  • Pump the pedal while braking
  • Consult your garage as soon as possible
  • Use the handbrake at the same time

Question 3 Photo

You stop for a pedestrian at a zebra crossing but they do not start to cross. What should you do according to the Highway Code?

  • Be patient and wait
  • Sound your horn
  • Carry on
  • Wave them to cross

Question 4 Photo

According to the Highway Code, vehicles fitted with anti-lock brakes are which of the following?

  • Impossible to skid
  • Able to be steered while braking
  • Able to accelerate much faster
  • Not fitted with a hand brake

Question 5 Photo

You think the driver in front has forgotten to cancel his right indicator. According to the Highway Code what should you do?

  • Flash your lights
  • Sound your horn before overtaking
  • Overtake on the left if there is room
  • Stay behind and not overtake

Question 6 Photo

According to the Highway Code hazard lights should be used only when which of the following?

  • Vehicle is broken down or causing an obstruction
  • Vehicle is faulty and moving slowly
  • Vehicle is being towed
  • Vehicle is reversing into a side road

Question 7 Photo

According to the Highway Code a pedestrian with a white stick and red band means the person is which of the following?

  • Physically disabled
  • Deaf only
  • Blind only
  • Deaf and blind

Question 8 Photo

Travelling in very heavy rain your stopping distance is likely to be which of the following, according to the Highway Code?

  • Doubled
  • Halved
  • Up to 10 times greater
  • No different

Question 9 Photo

According to the Highway Code holding the clutch pedal down or rolling in neutral for too long will do which of the following?

  • Use more fuel
  • Cause the engine to overheat
  • Reduce your control
  • Improve tyre wear

Question 10 Photo

What is the National speed limit for cars and motorcycles in the centre lane of a 3 lane motorway, according to the Highway Code?

  • 40 mph
  • 50 mph
  • 60 mph
  • 70 mph