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I'll Name that Baby in One

Fictional TV couples and their babies 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Ross and Rachel in "Friends", had a baby girl. What did they name her?

  • Elaina
  • Ella
  • Emma
  • Eliza

Question 2 Photo

Mr Derek Trotter and his wife Raquel had a bouncing baby boy in "Only Fools and Horses". What did they name him?

  • Damien
  • Darren
  • Damon
  • Dean

Question 3 Photo

In "Bewitched", Samantha of the twitchy nose and her husband Darrin had a baby girl. What did they call her?

  • Talia
  • Tara
  • Tamara
  • Tabitha

Question 4 Photo

Cor blimey myt, thyf ounly gorn an dun it. Heather and Darren Clarke in "Eastenders" had a baby boy and they called him?

  • James Darren
  • George Michael
  • Jason Troy
  • Robert Boyd

Question 5 Photo

As mad as really mad hatters, Hal and Lois of "Malcolm in the Middle" fame had a fifth baby boy called?

  • Joey
  • Johnny
  • Jamie
  • Jackson

Question 6 Photo

Frank and Bettee from "Some Mothers do 'ave 'em" had a lovely baby girl in 1973. What did they call her?

  • Jessica
  • Jemma
  • Jemima
  • Jennifer

Question 7 Photo

"Sex in the City", the serial where you would expect a baby to come along. Steve & Miranda had a baby boy and they called him?

  • Bradley
  • Brandon
  • Bradd
  • Brady

Question 8 Photo

Keeping up with the Slobs. Wayne and Waynetta Slob off "Harry Enfield and Chums" had a baby girl in 1996. What did they call her?

  • Medusa
  • Frogmella
  • Toadella
  • Lizella

Question 9 Photo

Oceanic flight 815 crashing heralded "Lost". Claire Middleton was on the plane and she was pregnant with her boyfriend's (Thomas) baby. What was the baby called when born?

  • Aaron
  • Abraham
  • Abram
  • Adam

Question 10 Photo

In 1961, Fred and Wilma Flintstone of "The Flintstones" had a baby girl and called her?

  • Rockola
  • Rocketta
  • Pebbles
  • Patricia