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As Time Goes By Quiz

A quiz on one of my favourite TV shows 12 Questions.

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In 'As time goes by', after how many years did Jean and Lionel reunite

  • 38
  • 26
  • 20
  • 35

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Who is this well known actress who plays Jean pargetta, in 'As time goes by'?

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Who is this man who plays Lionel Hardcastle in 'As time goes by'?

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What is Jean's daughter called in 'as time goes by'?

  • Mary
  • Lizzy
  • Judy
  • Sandy

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Who is this well known Carry On actress who plays Madge in 'As time goes by'?

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What kind of business does Jean run in 'As time goes by'?

  • Secretarial Agency
  • Hair Salon
  • Employment Agency
  • Modelling Agency


In 'As time goes by', Lionel had a book published. What was the book called?

  • A new life in Africa
  • Coffee Plantations in Kenya
  • Africa, here we come
  • My life in Kenya


In 'As time goes by', where did Lionels letter to Jean finally end up?

  • Accidently posted to someone else
  • The Imperial War Museum
  • It was never found
  • Jean misplaced it


In one episode of 'as time goes by', Jean was concerned about Lionel. Why?

  • He was forgetting things
  • He was depressed
  • He was going deaf
  • She thought he was having an affair


In the episode of "As time goes by' when Jean and Lionel got married, what happened to Jean before the ceremony?

  • She kept sneezing
  • She got the hiccups
  • She lost her voice
  • She sprained her ankle


Who was the best man in Rocky and Madge's wedding in 'as time goes by'?

  • Lionel
  • Lol
  • Alistaire
  • Harry


In 'as time goes by', what sport was Sandy's boyfriend Harry addicted to?

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Rugby