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Is There a Doctor in the House? Trivia Quiz

20 questions on various medical dramas from both sides of the Atlantic. 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What was Dr Kildare's Christian name?

  • Richard
  • James
  • Robert
  • William

Question 2 Photo

This character is Dr. Ben Casey. Who played him?

  • Vince Edwards
  • Bill Cramer
  • Frank Garcia
  • Richard Evans

Question 3 Photo

George Clooney's big break was in ER. What was his character's name?

  • Dr. Mark Green
  • Dr. John Carter
  • Dr.Peter Benton
  • Dr. Doug Ross

Question 4 Photo

M.A.S.H was a feature film then a long running TV series. What does M.A.S.H stand for?

  • Medical and Surgical Services Hospital
  • Medical Army Services Hospital
  • Mobile American Servicemens' Hospital
  • Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Question 5 Photo

Who played the part of Dr. 'Hawkeye ' Pierce in the TV series?

  • Alan Alda
  • Richard Crenna
  • Jamie Farr
  • Harry Morgan

Question 6 Photo

What was the Christian name of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

  • Christina
  • Francesca
  • Catherine
  • Michaela

Question 7 Photo

What is the title of this medical drama starring Jack Klugman?

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Question 8 Photo

I'm sure we all know this is Dr. House, but do we all know his Christian name?

  • Charles
  • Jeremy
  • Rupert
  • Gregory

Question 9 Photo

Dr. Jack Shepherd is a character from which medical drama?

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • St. Elsewhere
  • Chicago Hope
  • E.R.

Question 10 Photo

This series is a spin off from Grey's Anatomy,what is it called?

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Question 11 Photo

Diagnosis Muder stars Dick Van Dyke.The characters son is a detective, played by a relative of Dick Van Dyke. Is it......?

  • his nephew
  • his stepson
  • his half brother
  • his son

Question 12 Photo

What is the name of the dead dog who shares an apartment with JD in Scrubs?

  • Fido
  • Chief
  • Rowdy
  • Old Yella

Question 13 Photo

In the Cosby Show, Bill Cosby played Dr. Cliff Huxtable. Which area did he work in?

  • Anaesthetics
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Cardiology

Question 14 Photo

Mandy Patinkin starred in Chicago Hope the went on to star in which detective series?

  • F.B.I. Files
  • C.S.I.New York
  • Law and Order Criminal Intent
  • Criminal Minds

Question 15 Photo

Let's go way back in time.This was named Dr.......Casebook. Whose casebook?

  • McDonald's
  • Campbell's
  • Finlay's
  • Stewart's

Question 16 Photo

Emergency Ward 10 was one of the first 'soaps' to appear on TV. Any idea of the name of the hospital?

  • Oxbridge General
  • Holby General
  • Eastbridge County
  • Burnside County

Question 17 Photo

Only When I Laugh, was mostly about the patients. What is the name of the actor, in the splendid dressing gown, who went on to star in, To The Manor Born?

  • James Bolan
  • Christopher Timothy
  • Peter Bowles
  • Richard Wilson

Question 18 Photo

Holby General is the name of the hospital in which drama?

  • Heartbeat
  • Peak Practice
  • Doctors
  • Casualty

Question 19 Photo

The Body Farm was a short lived series starring who as Dr Eve Lockheart?

  • Keely Hawes
  • Tara Fitzgerald
  • Suranne Jones
  • Leslie Sharp

Question 20 Photo

Finally, the latest TV medical hit. In Call The Midwife which McGann brother plays Dr Turner?

  • Paul
  • Joe
  • Mark
  • Stephen