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Keane Lyrics Quiz

Can you match up the lyrics to the correct Keane song? 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which 'Keane' song is this from "But I just feel too tired to be fighting, I guess I'm not the fighting kind"?

  • Perfect Symmetry
  • Lovers Are Losing
  • Crystal Ball
  • Bad Dream

Question 2 Photo

Which 'Keane' song is this from "It's a long time since your heart was frozen, morning comes and you don't want to know me anymore"?

  • Crystal Ball
  • Spiralling
  • Your Eyes Open
  • Everybody's Changing

Question 3 Photo

" I walked across an empty land, I knew the pathway like the back of my hand" - which 'Keane' song is this from?

  • Everybody's Changing
  • Somewhere Only We Know
  • Black Burning Heart
  • We Might As Well Be Strangers

Question 4 Photo

"Lost in the sun, can anybody find their home" is from which 'Keane' song?

  • Again and Again
  • Nothing In My Way
  • Bend And Break
  • Sunshine

Question 5 Photo

"Like beautiful dawns, all made up and bright, radiant people in splintering light" which 'Keane' song is this from?

  • Bend and Break
  • You Don't See Me
  • Love Is The End
  • The Frog Prince

Question 6 Photo

"Don't know what you lie for anyway, now there's nothing left to say" which 'Keane' song is this from?

  • Can't Stop Now
  • Perfect Symmetry
  • Nothing In My Way
  • Put It behind You

Question 7 Photo

"Cold like some magnificent skyline out of my reach but always in my eye line" which 'Keane' song is this from?

  • Untitled 1
  • Lovers are Losing
  • Spiralling
  • Black Burning Heart

Question 8 Photo

"I lost my heart I buried it too deep under the Iron sea" which 'Keane' song is this from?

  • The Iron Sea
  • We Might As Well Be Strangers
  • Crystal Ball
  • Put It Behind You