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A Brighton Quiz

How much do you know about "Sussex by the Sea"? 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is the full title of the Brighton Football team?

  • Brighton and Hove City
  • Brighton and Hove Town
  • Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Brighton and Hove United

Question 2 Photo

Which monach had the "Brighton Pavilion" built?

  • George III
  • George VI
  • Victoria
  • George IV

Question 3 Photo

Brighton has two piers (just) one is called "Brighton Pier". What is the remains of the other pier called?

  • West Pier
  • Palace Pier
  • East Pier
  • Pavilian Pier

Question 4 Photo

What is the name of the electric railway which runs a short distance along the seafront?

  • Volks
  • Smitt
  • Vokins
  • Salton

Question 5 Photo

What is the covered shopping mall in the centre of Brighton called?

  • The Arndale Centre
  • Regency Square
  • The Orchard
  • Churchill Square

Question 6 Photo

Which conference was taking place at the "Brighton Centre" in 1984 when the "Grand Hotel" was bombed?

  • Labour Party
  • Consevative Party
  • TUC
  • Social Democrat Party

Question 7 Photo

Which famous actor retired to Brighton and took it as part of his title when he was knighted?

  • Sir Lawrence Olivier
  • Sir Ralph Richardson
  • Sir John Gielgud
  • Sir Donald Sindon

Question 8 Photo

Which celebrity attended "Patcham High School" when she lived in Brighton?

  • Jodie Marsh
  • Katie Price
  • Jodie Kidd
  • Anita Loos

Question 9 Photo

What is the name of the theatre/concert venue in the Pavilion Gardens that used to be the royal stables?

  • Brighton Centre
  • Theatre Royal
  • George IV Theatre
  • The Dome

Question 10 Photo

Where in Brighton did ABBA perform "Waterloo" in the Eurovision Song Contest?

  • The Dome
  • Theatre Royal
  • Brighton Centre
  • Hippodrome

Question 11 Photo

Who wrote the book "Brighton Rock" in 1938, which was later filmed in Brighton starring Richard Attenborough?

  • Somerset Maugham
  • Graham Greene
  • Evelyn Waugh
  • Kingsley Amis

Question 12 Photo

Which well known comedy actress grew up in Brighton?

  • Miranda Hart
  • Tamsin Grieg
  • Caroline Quentin
  • Jessica Stevenson