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Robert Ludlum and his Books Quiz

Jason Bourne is not a Cyborg! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Where was Robert Ludlum born and in which year?

  • Washington 1927
  • New York 1927
  • Chicago 1928
  • Boston 1928

Question 2 Photo

What was Robert Ludlum’s first published book?

  • The Matlock Paper
  • The Gemini Contenders
  • The Scarlatti Inheritance
  • The Osterman Weekend

Question 3 Photo

In which of Robert Ludlum’s books does “Projekt Sonnenkinder” appear?

  • The Parsifal Mosaic
  • The Materese Circle
  • The Scarlatti Inheritance
  • The Holcroft Covenant

Question 4 Photo

Robert Ludlum also wrote books using two pen names. Can you name one of them?

  • Jonathan Ryder
  • Michael Chilton
  • Thomas Singleton
  • James Craig

Question 5 Photo

In Robert Ludlum’s book “The Materese Circle” there were two main “good guys“, one American and one Russian. What was the name of the American?

  • Michael Havelock
  • Evan Kendrick
  • Brandon Scofield
  • David Spaulding

Question 6 Photo

Robert Ludlum wrote three “Jason Bourne” books before he died. Another seven have since appeared. Who was the author of these books?

  • James H Cobb
  • Eric Van Lustbader
  • Patrick Larkin
  • Paul Lynds

Question 7 Photo

In Robert Ludlum’s book “The Bourne Identity”, what was the name of the corporation that trained Jason Bourne ?

  • Delavane
  • Berkeley
  • Drinkwater
  • Treadstone

Question 8 Photo

The last book that Robert Ludlum wrote was not published until after his death. What is the title of the book?

  • The Sigma Protocol
  • The Tristan Betrayal
  • The Bancroft Strategy
  • The Cassandra Compact

Question 9 Photo

In Robert Ludlum’s book “The Scorpio Illusion”, what is the name of the beautiful female assassin?

  • Osiris Helose
  • Jane Fontine
  • Amaya Bajaratt
  • Marie St Jacques

Question 10 Photo

Who took the lead role as Jason Bourne in the trilogy of films based on Robert Ludlum’s books?

  • Stacy Keach
  • Edward Norton
  • Clive Owen
  • Matt Damon