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The Headless Celebrity Soap Star Special Quiz

Can you name the celebrity soap stars whose heads have been removed ..the clues are in the question..past and present, character names only.. 18 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which ''Coronation Street'' character as just collected his OBE for services to local government?

  • Mike Baldwin
  • Alf Roberts
  • Ken Barlow
  • Fred Elliot

Question 2 Photo

Which ''Eastenders'' character lost his head on live tv after reaching dizzy heights then coming back down to Earth with a bang?

  • Nick Cotton
  • Peter Beale
  • Mark Folwer
  • Bradley Branning

Question 3 Photo

Which ''Emmerdale'' character made his final appearance back in 1995 at Joe Sugdens funeral?

  • Amos Brearly
  • Henry Wilks
  • Alan Turner
  • Seth Armstrong

Question 4 Photo

Which ''Hollyoaks'' character was kidnapped and locked in a vault by Silas?

  • Jacqui Mcqueen
  • Carmel Mcqueen
  • Mercedes Fisher (Mcqueen)
  • Amy Barnes

Question 5 Photo

Who is the wife of Stan who always had a song in her heart and a duck on the wall?

  • Betty Turpin
  • Ena Sharples
  • Elsie Tanner
  • Hilda Ogden

Question 6 Photo

Which ''Eastenders'' character did Janine ''let go'' in Scotland where he hit rock bottom.

  • Barry Evans
  • Minty Peterson
  • Ryan Malloy
  • Lofty Holloway

Question 7 Photo

Which Dingle isn't Abel to keep his head in the yorkshire dales?

  • Zach Dingle
  • Sam Dingle
  • Cain Dingle
  • Marlon Dingle

Question 8 Photo

Who is the lodger of Stan and Hilda Ogden enjoying a pint before going to see the ''Royal family''?

  • Des Barnes
  • Harry Bates
  • Don Brennan
  • Eddie Yates

Question 9 Photo

Who is the ''Emmerdale'' character praying for his parisheners?

  • Paddy Kirk
  • Ashley Thomas
  • Declan Macey
  • Sandy Thomas

Question 10 Photo

Which ''Eastenders'' character left to persue an extra's roll before he got mixed up with gangs?

  • Grant Mitchell
  • Dennis Rickman
  • Phill Mitchell
  • Jake Moon

Question 11 Photo

Which ''Brookside'' character caused a stir when she took part in the first ever pre-nine-o'clock watershed lesbian kiss in 1994?

  • Jackie Corkhill
  • Bev Dickson
  • Emma Farnham
  • Beth Jordache

Question 12 Photo

Who is the nasty son of Dot who keeps returning to Walford?

  • Nick Cotton
  • Ian Beale
  • Max Branning
  • Alfie Moon

Question 13 Photo

Who is snowed under in Walford after falling fowl to the weather?

  • Ethel Skinner
  • Sonia Fowler
  • Pauline Fowler
  • Pat Evans

Question 14 Photo

Who lost his head after bashing in some one elses in Weatherfield?

  • Chesney Brown
  • Liam Connor
  • John Stape
  • Sean Tully

Question 15 Photo

Who couldn't get Jason Donovan out of her head on Ramsey Street?

  • Charlene Robinson
  • Beth Brennan
  • Daphne Clarke
  • Hannalise Hartman

Question 16 Photo

Which of Ken Barlows wife's needs her head examined for marrying him twice?

  • Valerie Tatlock
  • Susan Cunningham
  • Denise Osbourne
  • Deirdre Lanton

Question 17 Photo

Which dog was sent to doggy heaven in the arms of a Jackson?

  • Willie
  • Schmeichel
  • Wellard
  • Bouncer

Question 18 Photo

Who is the wanna be wag who thinks modeling is right up her street?

  • Tina Mcintyre
  • Leanne Battersby
  • Sarah Louise Platt
  • Rosie Webster