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Murdering the language 10 Questions.

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What does "Grups" mean?

  • A worm found in a Rose bush
  • A Greek Christian name
  • A a German salad dish
  • A mythical beast with the head of an eagle

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What is a "Psalterion"?

  • An old Greek name for a hospital
  • A small fishing boat
  • An ancient wall around the city of Athens
  • A musical instrument

Question 3 Photo

What is a "Hecatomb"?

  • An animal sacrifice
  • A large burial chamber
  • A pointed Wizard’s hat
  • A knife with a curved blade

Question 4 Photo

What does the word "Lepton" signify?

  • A beverage made with dried tea-leaves
  • A sub-atomic particle
  • A person who has had Leprosy
  • A small edible sea creature

Question 5 Photo

What is a "Peplos"?

  • A drug used to combat fatigue
  • Loose garment worn by women in ancient Greece
  • An island that disappears at high tide
  • A structure entirely made out of Marble

Question 6 Photo

If someone says that they've seen "Bootes", what exactly have they seen?

  • Twin mountains on Cyprus
  • Warm shoes worn by sailors
  • A group of stars named after a farmer
  • They saw a mirage

Question 7 Photo

7 What should you do if someone tells you that "Alastor" is coming to dinner?

  • Hide the good china and use paper plates
  • Move and do not leave forwarding address
  • Wear a bullet proof vest
  • Nothing, it is an avenging spirit with no mercy

Question 8 Photo

What is "Nephology"?

  • The study of sleep disorders
  • The science of clouds
  • Art of predicting the future by watching birds fly
  • The study of the bumps on your head

Question 9 Photo

Define the meaning of “Exo”?

  • A prefix meaning out
  • An actor’s cue to leave the stage
  • Greek god of Oil and Natural Gas
  • A geometric design made out of coloured stones

Question 10 Photo

"Phobos" means "fear" and "Phobe" means "one who fears". What does a "Xenophobe" fear?

  • Friends
  • Women
  • Soldiers
  • Strangers