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It's Only Words II Quiz

The meanings of words 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is an harangue?

  • A long pompous speech
  • A dry, dusty wind that blows from the Sahara Desert
  • A thick cushion used as a foot stool
  • An ancient Babylonian weapon

Question 2 Photo

If something is said to be "lupine", what does it resemble?

  • A flower
  • A lizard
  • A wolf
  • An amoeba

Question 3 Photo

Which word from the following list is not a synonym for the word indefatigable?

  • Diligent
  • Dogged
  • Undying
  • Uncivil

Question 4 Photo

"Didactic" describes a person who is what?

  • Given to serious mood swings
  • Overly concerned with their social standing
  • Inclined to teach, or moralise
  • Versed in scientific methodology

Question 5 Photo

Someone who is "prurient" is obsessively interested in what?

  • Death
  • Improper matters, especially of a sexual nature
  • Their bowels
  • Other peoples' private lives

Question 6 Photo

Which of the following words descibes a system of names or terms in art, science, or area of activity?

  • Nomology
  • Nominative
  • Nomothetic
  • Nomenclature

Question 7 Photo

If a food is described as "piquant", what would you do with it?

  • Smell and eat it
  • Throw it out. It's gone off
  • Cook it very slowly
  • Eat it raw

Question 8 Photo

Of the following adjectives, which describes a person who is diligent and devoted?

  • Assimilative
  • Aspectual
  • Aspheric
  • Assiduous

Question 9 Photo

If objects are said to be "juxtaposed", how are they placed?

  • On top of one another
  • Far apart from one another
  • Side by side
  • In the form of a T shape

Question 10 Photo

What is a phylactery?

  • A small insect of the genus Phylloxera
  • A religious leather box
  • A segment of a plant
  • A place for storing plant specimens