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Doctor! Doctor!

A light hearted quiz about medics. No special medical knowledge required. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which of the following authors did not train as a doctor?

  • Che Guavera
  • W Somerset Maugham
  • Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Graham Greene

Question 2 Photo

Which member of the "Monty Python" team trained as a doctor?

  • John Cleese
  • Graham Chapman
  • Eric Idle
  • Michael Palin

Question 3 Photo

Which member of "The Goodies" trained as a doctor?

  • Bill Oddie
  • Tim Brooke Taylor
  • Grahaeme Garden
  • Funky Gibbon

Question 4 Photo

Which member of the "Cambridge Footlights Beyond the Fringe" team trained as a doctor?

  • Jonathan Miller
  • Peter Cook
  • Dudley Moore
  • Alan Bennett

Question 5 Photo

Which of the following performers does/did not have a doctor for a father?

  • David Suchet
  • Hugh Laurie
  • Griff Rhys Jones
  • Nigel Havers

Question 6 Photo

Which famous playwright had a father who was a doctor?

  • Bernard Shaw
  • J M Barrie
  • J B Priestley
  • Oscar Wilde

Question 7 Photo

The book "And When Did You Last See Your Father?" was written about the author's parents who were both doctors. Who is the author?

  • Nigel Slater
  • John Mortimer
  • Griff Rhys Jones
  • Blake Morrison

Question 8 Photo

Who played Dr Kilmore in the film "Carry on Doctor"?

  • Sid James
  • Jim Dale
  • Kenneth Williams
  • Charles Hawtrey

Question 9 Photo

In the American series "Scrubs" who played Dr John Dorian?

  • Zach Braff
  • Elliot Reid
  • Perry Cox
  • Bob Kelso

Question 10 Photo

And finally:-Patient: "Doctor! Doctor! I think I am losing my short term memory!". Doctor: "When did this start?"What is the punchline to this doctor, doctor joke?

  • Pull yourself together.
  • When did what start?
  • Your light was on.
  • Next!!!