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Idioms and Phrases Quiz

Just like Monty Python! What is the meaning of it? 12 Questions.

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“The whole nine yards”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Be in agreement
  • Distance to summit
  • To buy a car that constantly gives problems
  • Everything, all of it

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“All Greek to me”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Meaningless and incomprehensible
  • Do whatever it takes to help
  • All the same size
  • Study; prepare for class

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“Take with a pinch of salt”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Calm down; relax
  • Do not completely believe it
  • Be in agreement
  • To lose all of or most of your money

Question 4 Photo

“Loose cannon”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Something that will never happen
  • A face with no expression
  • Actions are unpredictable and uncontrollable
  • To learn the basics of something

Question 5 Photo

“Draw a line in the sand”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Establish a finite limit
  • Force an issue that is aready finished
  • Make a bad situation even worse
  • A controversial or sensitive issue

Question 6 Photo

“To see Red”, what does this phrase mean?

  • To ignore someone
  • To catch a cold
  • To become very angry
  • To shake hands

Question 7 Photo

“Get it in the neck”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Start the day in a bad mood
  • Do something correctly
  • Get approval or permission to continue
  • Get punished or criticised for something

Question 8 Photo

“Make a pitch”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Make a bid or offer to get something
  • Make a lot of money
  • Cause a lot of trouble
  • Ask for general information about something

Question 9 Photo

“Walking the green mile”, what does this phrase mean?

  • An undertaking that is easy
  • Heading towards the inevitable
  • Trying to understand before criticising someone
  • Ready to act on short notice

Question 10 Photo

“Juggle frogs”, what does this phrase mean?

  • False start a task
  • Criticise or chastise someone severely
  • Be very clumsy
  • Trying to do something very difficult

Question 11 Photo

“Face the music”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Accept consequences of wrongdoing
  • Very angry or upset about something
  • Do it correctly
  • Following any rules or laws in place

Question 12 Photo

“On the Blink”, what does this phrase mean?

  • Waiting excitedly for something to happen
  • Moving from success to success
  • Something isn't working properly
  • Doing really well at something