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The Salem Witch Trials

A quiz on one of the notorious periods in the history of the U.S.A 18 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft, where in America?

  • New York
  • Washington
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas

Question 2 Photo

What year did The Salem Witch Trials first take place?

  • 1691
  • 1692
  • 1693
  • 1694

Question 3 Photo

Who was the Puritan Minister of Salem during the Witch Trials?

  • Reverend David Putnam
  • Reverend John Goode
  • Reverend Samuel Parris
  • Reverend Jonas White

Question 4 Photo

Most accounts of the Salem Witch Trials begin with the afflictions of the girls in what household?

  • Stoughton
  • Lawson
  • Parris
  • Hathorne

Question 5 Photo

What were the names of the first two girls who where said to be cursed by a witch?

  • Sarah and Elizabeth
  • Sarah and Abigail
  • Betty and Sarah
  • Betty and Abigail

Question 6 Photo

During the Salem Whitch Trials, what was the name of the Parris's maid who was first accussed of being a witch?

  • Tituba
  • Titania
  • Talia
  • Talua

Question 7 Photo

What was the name of the Physician who first diagnosed "bewitchment" in Salem?

  • David Kildare
  • Karl Kennedy
  • Jonathan Doyle
  • William Griggs

Question 8 Photo

Who was the first person to be convicted and executed during the Salem Witch Trials?

  • Mary Walcott
  • Bridget Bishop
  • Sarah Smith
  • Mercy Lewis

Question 9 Photo

Who was the first man convicted and executed during The Salem Witch Trials?

  • James Proust
  • John Putnam
  • Jeremy Stoughton
  • John Proctor

Question 10 Photo

Why did John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth, avoid execution during The Salem Witch Trials?

  • She was found not guilty
  • She died in prison
  • She never stood trial
  • She was pregnant

Question 11 Photo

In the minds of many of the villagers of Salem, who was considered to be the ring leader of the witches?

  • John Proctor
  • Briget Bishop
  • George Burroughs
  • Sarah Good

Question 12 Photo

Who was the appointed Chief Justice and overseer of The Salem Witch Trials, who refused to apologise afterwards?

  • William Stoughton
  • Samuel Bridge
  • Rufus Parris
  • Thomas Green

Question 13 Photo

In order to hear Salem Witch Trial cases a special court was created, what was it called?

  • Court of Salem
  • Court of Justice
  • Court of Truth and Rule
  • Court of Oyer and Terminer

Question 14 Photo

During The Salem Witch Trials, what animal was hanged as it he was believed to be a transformed witch?

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Rat
  • Fox

Question 15 Photo

What was one of the signs that someone was a witch, during The Salem Witch Trials?

  • Inability to sing
  • Inability to grow crops
  • Inability to weep
  • Inability to have children

Question 16 Photo

The Hysteria and Trials of The Salem Witch Trials lasted for how long?

  • 18 Months
  • 17 Months
  • 16 Months
  • 15 Months

Question 17 Photo

What was the name of the place of execution during The Salem Witch Trials?

  • Hell's Hill
  • Execution Hill
  • Death Valley
  • Gallows Hill

Question 18 Photo

By the time The Salem Witch Trials ended, over 60 people had been accused but how many people had been unjustly executed as witches?

  • 10
  • 19
  • 15
  • 14