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Take a Trip Through The Solar System

You will be escorted through the solar system,you must answer one question about each planet. Good luck! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Compared to other stars, how big is our Sun?

  • Huge
  • Medium size
  • Larger than most stars, but not the largest
  • Very small

Question 2 Photo

Compared to Earth, how long is one day on Mercury?

  • About half of one day on Earth
  • A little longer than one day on Earth
  • Nearly two Earth months long
  • About the same length as one day on Earth

Question 3 Photo

Venus the brightest planet in our system...But why is Venus so bright?

  • Its thick clouds reflect sunlight
  • It is not actually a planet,it is a very small white dwarf star
  • None of these
  • The Earth´s atmpsphere makes it look bright

Question 4 Photo

What is the core of the Earth made of?

  • Water and methane ice
  • Pure molten iron
  • Molten nickel and iron,and some other elements
  • Molten gold

Question 5 Photo

The planet Mars itself might be weird,but what is so weird about Mars's satellites,Phobos and Deimos?

  • All of these
  • They are irregularly shaped
  • One rotates Mars in a counter-clockwise direction,the other rotates around clockwise
  • Neither of them have any craters whatsoever

Question 6 Photo

How long are Jupiter's seasons?

  • Very long
  • The same length as Earth's
  • Very short
  • Jupiter doesn't have seasons

Question 7 Photo

What day of the week does Saturn translate to?

  • Sunday
  • It doesn't translate to a day of the week
  • Saturday
  • Thursday

Question 8 Photo

People believe something huge crashed into Uranus a long time ago,throwing it off its regular rotational axis.What colour is Uranus?

  • Pink
  • Blue-green
  • Multi-coloured
  • Purple

Question 9 Photo

What is Neptune's mantle made of?

  • Molten rock
  • Ammonia,water
  • Water,ammonia,methane ices
  • Liquid methane,water

Question 10 Photo

Pluto is a frigid cold place,and has three frigid cold moons.What are they names?

  • Charon,Hydra,Titan
  • Larissa,Nix,Triton
  • Charon,Hydra,Nix
  • Triton,Nix,Hydra