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The Media Quiz

A very easy, brief quiz about what's going on in the media. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What name is given to photojournalists who specialize in, often intrusive, candid photos of celebrities?

  • Flashgraphitti
  • Journalistti
  • Paparazzi
  • Hastavistti

Question 2 Photo

High profile celebs have paid huge sums to legally suppress embarrassing information about their activities.What is this process popularly called in the media?

  • A Gagging Order
  • A Suppression Order
  • A Silencing Order
  • A Muting Order

Question 3 Photo

There has been an ongoing enquiry into illegal "phone hacking" by the media. A great number of celebs have given evidence. What is the name of the enquiry?

  • The Henderson Enquiry
  • The Levinson Enquiry
  • The Anderson Enquiry
  • The Isaacson Enquiry

Question 4 Photo

Which information website went "dark" for 24 hours in protest against proposed new regulations?

  • Encarta
  • Google Info
  • Wikipedia
  • Ask Jeeves

Question 5 Photo

Which newspaper closed following a massive "invasion of privacy" scandel which included extensive "phone hacking"?

  • The Daily Star
  • News of the World
  • The Observer
  • The Evening News

Question 6 Photo

What is the "free to air" UK digital television service called?

  • Freebee
  • Freetel
  • Freesee
  • Freeview

Question 7 Photo

In radio, what do the initials DAB stand for?

  • Digital Audio Broadcasting
  • Direct Access Broadcasting
  • Digital Access Broadcasting
  • Direct Audio Broadcasting

Question 8 Photo

What is the name of this very popular social networking computer site?

  • Friendface
  • Friendbook
  • Friendsearch
  • Facebook

Question 9 Photo

In television what do the initials HD stand for?

  • High Differentiation
  • Highly Detailed
  • High Definition
  • Hugely Different

Question 10 Photo

What is the name of the website where you can view a huge variety of films and filmclips including, often quirky or embarassing, ones made by members of the public?

  • Vidyou
  • Yousee
  • Seeyou
  • Youtube