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This One's a Killer

Murder In fact and fiction 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Can you correctly order these serial killers from the earliest to the latest?

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  • Ted Bundy
  • "Jack the Ripper"
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • "The Boston Strangler"

Question 2 Photo

Which of the following epithets was not given to the mass murderer Andrei Chikatilo?

  • "Butcher of Rostov"
  • "The Red Assassin"
  • "The Rostov Ripper"
  • "The Red Ripper"

Question 3 Photo

How did the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes die?

  • He was poisoned by his housekeeper
  • He was murdered by Professor Moriarty
  • The details of his death are unknown
  • A heroin overdose

Question 4 Photo

What was the name of the 15th century mass murderer who Bram Stoker based his character "Dracula" upon?

  • Vlad Seminov
  • Vlad Tepes
  • Vlad Utarefson
  • Vlad Obold

Question 5 Photo

Charlize Theron took the part as this serial killer in the 2003 movie "Monster". What was her name?

  • Vera Renczi
  • Elizabeth Bathroy
  • Karla Homolka
  • Aileen Wuornos

Question 6 Photo

John Wayne Gacy Jr. was responsible for the deaths of how many teenage boys before he was eventually captured?

  • 33
  • 15
  • 29
  • 53

Question 7 Photo

Who was the last British woman to be hanged in public for murder?

  • Ruth Ellis
  • Mary Barkworth
  • Frances Kidder
  • Carol Mayhue

Question 8 Photo

Who murdered the outlaw Jesse James on April 3,1882?

  • Frank Dalton
  • Robert Ford
  • Cole Younger
  • Charley Ford

Question 9 Photo

Which Janpanese serial killer drank the blood and ate part of the hand of one of his four victims?

  • Sataro Fukiage
  • Manaru Takuma
  • Miyaki Ishikawa
  • Tsutomu Myazaki

Question 10 Photo

"I'd rather be fishing." were the last words spoken by which murderer?

  • Timothy McVeigh
  • Gary Gilmore
  • Aileen Wuornos
  • Jimmy Glass