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It's Only Words Quiz

Be warned! This is a toughie. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

To which of the following does the word "ablation" not refer?

  • Amputation of any part of the body
  • The dissipation of heat generated by atmospheric friction
  • The erosive process by which a glacier is reduced
  • The removal of an obstruction in the bowel

Question 2 Photo

If someone is referred to as a "hellion", what kind of person are they?

  • Mischievious and unrestrainable
  • One who is given to depressive moods
  • A believer in the Devil
  • One who believes the sun is the centre of the universe

Question 3 Photo

A ghostly double of a living peson is known as a what?

  • "Doppelgeist"
  • "Doppel"
  • "Doppelganger"
  • "Doppelkopf"

Question 4 Photo

"hypnopompic" refers to which state of consciousness?

  • The state of deep sleep
  • The state just prior to awakening
  • The state which occure in REM sleep
  • The state jus prior to falling asleep

Question 5 Photo

Which of the following would you do with a "potage"

  • Plant it
  • Hang it
  • Eat it
  • Read it

Question 6 Photo

Something which occured or belonged to the era before the biblical Flood is called what?

  • Antependium
  • Antebellum
  • Antediluvian
  • Anthelion

Question 7 Photo

One who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions is know as a what?

  • Iconoclast
  • Iconolatrist
  • Idioblast
  • Iconium

Question 8 Photo

What is a "tantalus"?

  • A garment worn by Buddhists
  • A specific type of amulet
  • A drinking vessel used in religious ceremonies
  • A stand in which decanters are dislayed locked up