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Enigmatic, unfathomable Words II

Onerous, problematic, formidable words 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Define the meaning of “Yealm”?

  • An old fashioned measurement
  • Used by a thatcher on a roof
  • Type of horse
  • An artist’s hat

Question 2 Photo

If something is “Xeric”, what does it mean?

  • It is ten faced
  • It has a very rough surface
  • It is porous
  • It’s very dry

Question 3 Photo

What is a “Turducken”?

  • A meal of a chicken stuffed in a duck in a turkey
  • The top shelf in a cabinet
  • An oyster knife
  • A variety of seat

Question 4 Photo

Define the word “Supererogation”?

  • To talk incessantly
  • Having one leg shorter than the other
  • A term used in fencing
  • To go beyond the call of duty

Question 5 Photo

If you were told you had“Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”,what would be affected?

  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Blood

Question 6 Photo

If you were told that your physique was “Pyknic”, what would it mean?

  • You were short and fat
  • You were skinny and tall
  • You were pear shaped
  • You were very, very broad

Question 7 Photo

What is the meaning of “Rebarbative”?

  • Light on one’s feet
  • Meek and mild
  • Objectionable and unattractive
  • Extremely hostile

Question 8 Photo

Define the meaning of “Obnubilate”?

  • To kick someone’s ankles
  • To dance without music
  • To use a catapult
  • To cloud or obscure

Question 9 Photo

If someone told you that you were “Niddering”, what would it signify?

  • You were a pain in the neck
  • You were cowardly
  • You were blushing
  • You were extremely drunk

Question 10 Photo

What is a “Knucker”?

  • A mythical water demon
  • A person selling firewood
  • A dead badger
  • A breed of cattle

Question 11 Photo

Define the meaning of “Gallimaufry”?

  • A type of dough for bread
  • A mythical elf
  • A hotchpotch or jumble
  • A stone cairn

Question 12 Photo

If someone told you that they were going to treat you to “Collop”, what would you get?

  • A pie and a pint
  • Soup
  • An omelette
  • Bacon and eggs