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The X-Files on TV Quiz

10 questions relating to the TV series "The X-Files" 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

"Personally, if somone digs me up a thousand years from now, I hope there's a curse on them, too." is a quote from Mulder on which episode"?

  • "Excelsius Dei"
  • "Teso Dos Bichos"
  • "Avatar"
  • "Irresistible"

Question 2 Photo

What is the name of the actor (right) who appeared in the episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"?

  • Peter Boyle
  • Daniel Trepkos
  • John Teller
  • Duane Barry

Question 3 Photo

In the episode "Avatar" Skinner is being persued by what?

  • The spectre of his wife
  • The spectre of an old war buddy
  • The spectre of an old woman
  • The spectre of a prostitute

Question 4 Photo

On what date was "The X-Files" first aired in America?

  • May 2, 1994
  • September 10, 1993
  • November 13, 1992
  • October 22, 1991.

Question 5 Photo

This image, normally containing the caption " I Want To Believe", hangs on Mulder's office wall, but which real-life, controversial, character took the original picture?

  • Lars Thorn
  • Eduard "Billy" Meir.
  • George Adamski
  • W.D. Hall

Question 6 Photo

In the episode "Soft Light" what is the name of the character whose shadow becomes 'dark matter', obliterating anyone who falls within its path?

  • Chuck Banton
  • Samuel Patrick Borman
  • Chester Ray Banton
  • Albert Borman

Question 7 Photo

In several episodes of "The X-Files" extraterrestrials, like the one on the right, appeared. By what epithet are they more commonly know?

  • The "Greys"
  • The "Greens"
  • The "Blues"
  • The "Whites"

Question 8 Photo

In season 3, episode #1 of "The Blessing Way", which actor took the part of Albert Hosteen?

  • Dakota House
  • Jay Silverheels
  • John Longriver
  • Floyd Westerman

Question 9 Photo

In the episode "Humbug", which character said, "It's up to self-made freaks like me and the Conundrum to go out and remind people ... Nature abhors normality."?

  • Lanny
  • Mr. Nutt
  • Dr Blockhead
  • The Enigma

Question 10 Photo

In season #9, which episode became the most watched; receiving the season's highest ratings?

  • "Jump The Shark"
  • "Nothing Important Happened Today"
  • "The Truth"
  • "William"