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Paranormal History Quiz

A quiz for anyone interested in the paranormal. 20 Questions.

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Which two armies fought each other at the now haunted battlefield of Culloden Moor?

  • Jacobite & Government
  • Royalist & Parliamentarian
  • Mods & Rockers
  • Scottish & English


Who ordered the building of what is now known as the very haunted Tower of London?

  • William the Bastard
  • William Rufus
  • William the Lion
  • Sweet William


Slightly off topic, in a Paranormal sense, what are Foo-Fighters?

  • A good band
  • North Korean Airways pilots
  • Balls of light seen in WW2 flying next to aircraft
  • A top-secret U.S project of the 1950's


The oldest known ghost story is from an advertisement for a house being sold which states that its previous owner makes a lot of noise each night. From what era does this come from?

  • Ancient Egyptian
  • Ancient Cockney
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Roman


At the Tower of London a guard was once accosted by the spirit of Anne Boleyn, she said to him "There's only you and me here"... what was his reply?

  • Then come here and give me a kiss
  • I can see right through your lies, and body
  • Let me get my shoe back on and you'll be on your own
  • Well if I was four hundred years younger...


As well as being haunted, Verdun in France also has the sad title of what?

  • Being in France
  • Being close to Germany
  • The bloodiest battle ever fought
  • The longest battle ever fought


When looking for ghosts why is it wrong to use the terms 'Cavalier' & 'Roundhead' when asking out for spirits to contact you?

  • They were offensive terms used against each other in the 17th century
  • It was a term introduced much later in history and never used in the 17th century
  • You might get shot
  • Their ridiculous hairstyles meant they were deaf


Easy one now... in which country do "Wailing Banshee's" populate many a castle.

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Ireland


On the TV Series Most Haunted what are the names of the producers?

  • Karl Beat Knee and Yvette Feld Dung
  • The Count off Seseme Street and Fozzy off Muppets
  • Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding
  • Brian Shepherd and Lesley Smith


Edgar Allan Poe famously wrote what?

  • When Usher met Beyonce
  • Hey Usher my pants are on fire
  • The Fall of the House of Usher & Other Ghost Stories
  • The Rise and Fall of the House of Usher


What is the name of this old prison in the heart of Aberdeen which just happens to be a very spooky place to spend a night?

  • Greyfriars
  • Tolbooth
  • Auld' Alliance Arms
  • Pittodrie


This old American Civil War battleground still has spectral soldiers fighting for eternity, but which one?

  • Antietam
  • Shiloh
  • Gettysburg
  • All of the above


Oooo Question 13, how spooky... okay then, so why is Friday the 13th supposedly a bad day?

  • Because its my birthday
  • Because its how many fouls Paul Scholes gives away each game
  • Because Jesus had thirteen disciples
  • It was the day the Knights Templar were ex-communicated


This site of an old wooden castle is now reputedly haunted by fairies, its close to Darlington on the County Durham / North Yorkshire border, but whats its name?

  • Bishop Auckland
  • Bishopric
  • Bishopton
  • Bish-Vegas


In 1644 the deciding battle of the bloody English Civil Wars was fought close to the city of York, on the bloody fields of... where?

  • Naseby
  • Marston Moor
  • Edgehill
  • Donnington


What was seen in the skies over the battlefield of Edgehill on New Years 1641-2?

  • Lesley Smith riding a broom
  • A ghostly re-enactment of the Battle of Edgehill
  • Angels playing football
  • Alien Spaceships beaming Brian Shepherd back to his mother-ship


What were "Burke and Hare" famous for?

  • Body Snatching
  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Faking history to make money


What were the names of the two leading researchers who investigated the Enfield Poltergeist case?

  • Maurice Gross and Lionel Ritchie
  • Jasper Carrott and Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • Paul Gascoine, on his own because no one would go with him
  • Maurice Gross and Guy Lyon Playfair


(In my opinion) The best book ever published on the research and subject of an actual Poltergeist haunting is called...

  • This house isn't haunted, but if we say it is, we get money
  • The South Shields Poltergeist
  • Jack'o'nory (also know as Lesley Smith)
  • 100 Ways to Wok a Cat


Lesley Smiths biggest gaffe on Most Haunted came when she said "King Charles was executed one cold November morning"... What SHOULD she have said?

  • One scorching hot July afternoon
  • One mild September evening
  • One Cold January morning
  • Oh what a night, late December back in '63