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Blasts From The Past

8 questions on childrens TV Sci-fi serials from the 60s and 70s. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In the 60s TV childrens series "Fireball XL5" what was the name of the main puppet character who flew the spaceship?

  • Sam Lunar
  • Steve Zodiac
  • Raymond Ramjet
  • Jack Starburst

Question 2 Photo

"Joe 90" was a hit sci-fi series for kids in the late-1960s in which a young boy has knowledge transferred into his brain via a machine. "Joe 90" was merely a code name. What was his real name?

  • Joe McAdam
  • Joe Seevers
  • Joe McClaine
  • Joe Masterson

Question 3 Photo

Dr Who's arch enemies were the Daleks, but do you know the name of their home planet?

  • Tyron
  • Kaled
  • Skaro
  • Typhos

Question 4 Photo

Which actor did the voice over for Captain Scarlet In the 1967 TV series "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons"?

  • Gary Files
  • Ed Bishop
  • Jeremy Wilkin
  • Francis Matthews

Question 5 Photo

Which of the following was not a series from "Thunderbirds"?

  • "Pit of Peril"
  • "The Uninvited"
  • "The Man From MI 6"
  • "Terror in New York City"

Question 6 Photo

For what does the acronym W.A.S.P. stand in the TV series "Stingray"?

  • World Aquanaut Security Patrol
  • World Aquanaut Special Patrol
  • World's Advanced Security Patrol
  • World Advanced Submarine Patrol

Question 7 Photo

Who was the creator of the 1970s phantasy TV series "The Tomorrow People"?

  • Angus P Allan
  • Elizabeth Adare
  • Tyso Boswell
  • Roger Damon Price

Question 8 Photo

Captain Larry Dart, Gabbler, Slim, and Husky were all characters from which sci-fi series, first broadcast in the UK in 1963?

  • "Timeslip"
  • "Space Patrol"
  • "Torchy"
  • "Supercar"