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Towie quiz (the only way essex)

Test your knowlage towie and see what you know about the chracters, stories and the up and down relationships over the first 3 series! GOOD LUCK 10 Questions.

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In 'The Only Way Is Essex' what is 'Arg' FULL real name?

  • Jamie Arg
  • James Argent
  • John Argington
  • Jimmy


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' Mark Wright has had an on and off relationship with an essex girl for almost 10 years. What is her name?

  • Samantha Faiers
  • Lauren Pope
  • Lauren Googer
  • Gemma Collins


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' what word is Joey Essex well known for first introducing to the show?

  • Fit
  • Peng
  • Butters
  • Reem


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' when Joey finally took Sam on a date, it was a very special and memorable one, where did he take her?

  • Cinema
  • Bowling
  • To the dump
  • A romanic meal


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' Kirk Norcross and his dad (Micky Norcross) own which famous Essex nightclub?

  • SugarHut
  • Kirk and Micky
  • The club
  • boozer


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' Nanny Pat is a liked member of TOWIE, what family is she related to?

  • Essex family
  • Wright family
  • Bright family
  • Faiers family


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' at the end of series 3 who was Joey seen kissing on the dance floor?

  • Jess Wright
  • Sam Faiers
  • Lydia Bright
  • Lauren Googer


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' Mark was 'just friends' with someone just before he left in series 3. Who was it?

  • Sam Faiers
  • Jess Wright
  • Chloe Sims
  • Perri


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' Lucy Meck recently cheated on her boyfriend and spent the night with Mark, who was her forgiving boyfriend?

  • Mark
  • Mario
  • Joey
  • Arg


In 'The Only Way Is Essex' Lydia opened up a vintage shop, what is it called?

  • Bella Sorella
  • Lydia's shop
  • Bright's vintage
  • Vintage in Essex