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Famous Freds Quiz

15 Questions about Fredericks, Freddies, Freds. 15 Questions.

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Which of these composers had the christian name of Frederic?

  • Holst
  • Bach
  • Chopin
  • Schubert

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One of the founders of Socialism had the christian name of Friedrich. Who was it?

  • Marx
  • Engels
  • Lenin
  • Trotsky


The recently retired cricketer who was known by everybody as "Freddie " Flintoff was actually called what christian name?

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Which Frederick wrote "The Fourth Protocol", "The Day of the Jackal" and "The Odessa File"? (surname only)

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Think "planets" and decide which one goes best with Freddie?

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This Fred could dance and loved his Ginger but who is he?

  • Freddie Starr
  • Fred A Star
  • Fred Astaire
  • Fred A Stair

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This is Bolton's Fred Dibnah. He became very popular in the 80's and loved machinery (esp traction engines). But what was his actual profession?

  • He was a joiner
  • He was an armature winder
  • He was a steeplejack
  • He was a civil aviation pilot.

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London taxi-driver Fred Housego achieved celebrity status back in 1980 by doing what?

  • Winning Mastermind
  • Winning the 1st London Marathon
  • Had the Christmas no.1 with "Where'd ma housego"
  • Became lead singer of AC/DC for 8 months.

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This Frederick was King of Prussia in the 1770's and 1780's. His military prowess and enlightened philosophy earned him what nickname?

  • Frederick the Thoughtful
  • Frederick the Bold
  • Frederick the Righteous
  • Frederick the Great


Who had hit records such as "You were made for me" and "I'm telling you now" in the mid 60's?

  • Freddie Terra and the Turtles
  • Freddie and the Whiners
  • Freddie and the Dreamers
  • Freddie Dredge and the Hedgerows

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Right Said Fred had a massive 1992 hit with "I'm too sexy" but do you recall the LAST line of the song?

  • "I'm so sexy it hurts"
  • "I'm too sexy for this song"
  • "I'm too sexy for my cat"
  • "I shake my little tush on the catwalk"

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Back in 1970, Fred Haise set off to go somewhere but never made it. Where was he going to?

  • The Moon - he was on Apollo 13
  • The local 7/11 shop - he took 4 years to return
  • He was looking for God when a bus ran him over
  • He was abducted by aliens whilst crossing Route 66

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Fred Durst is the lead singer with which band?

  • Linkin Park
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Doves
  • Limp Bizkit


In what war was the Battle of Fredericksburg fought?

  • Napoleonic War
  • Crimean War
  • American Civil War
  • Boer War

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Madcap comedian Freddie Starr was born with what name back in 1944?

  • Frederick Hugo Starekov
  • Freddie Starr
  • Frederick Leslie Fowell
  • Philip Beswick-Swann