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Wavy's Christmas Quiz

20 Questions testing your general knowledge about Christmas. Ho Ho Ho! 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which of these names does NOT belong to one of Santa's reindeer?

  • Comet
  • Prancer
  • Vixen
  • Klaxon

Question 2 Photo

At Christmas, it is traditional to exchange kisses beneath a sprig of which plant?

  • Ivy
  • Mistletoe
  • Yew
  • Holly

Question 3 Photo

In the Ukraine, what does it mean if you find a spider web in the house on Christmas morning?

  • Good luck
  • Misfortune will strike in the coming year
  • The Winter will be unusually cold
  • Your house needs cleaning

Question 4 Photo

Finding a trinket in your portion of Christmas pudding predicts your fortune for the coming year. Eg, finding a coin means you will become wealthy. What will you be if you find a button?

  • Poor
  • Famous
  • A bachelor
  • Called away on a trip

Question 5 Photo

If you were given some frumenty at a Medieval Christmas party, what would you probably do with it?

  • Eat it
  • Burn it
  • Put it in your sweetheart's hair
  • Use it to polish your boots

Question 6 Photo

Which of the following names does NOT belong one of the Three Kings?

  • Caspar
  • Balthazar
  • Teleost
  • Melchior

Question 7 Photo

One of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes takes place during the Christmas season. Which of these does the tale hinge upon?

  • A burglar disguised as Father Christmas
  • A blue diamond found in a goose
  • A cat trapped in an organ pipe
  • A poisoned flask of Napoleon Brandy

Question 8 Photo

Which well-known author of fantasy fiction also created a book called The Father Christmas Letters?

  • Lewis Carroll
  • J.R.R.Tolkien
  • E.Nesbitt
  • C.S.Lewis

Question 9 Photo

One of the most loved Christmas books is A Christmas Carol. Who wrote it?

  • Mark Twain
  • Charles Dickens
  • Hans Christian Anderson
  • Thomas Hardy

Question 10 Photo

In Sweden, a common Christmas decoration is the Julbukk, a small figurine of a goat. Of what material is it usually made?

  • Candy
  • Straw
  • Uranium
  • Fir wood

Question 11 Photo

What is the Irish custom of "feeding the wren" or "hunting the wren" on December 26?

  • Taking your family out to dinner
  • Carrying a wren door to door, collecting money for charity
  • Leaving a basket of cakes at the door for passers by
  • Putting out suet and seeds for the birds

Question 12 Photo

In Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker", who is the nutcracker's main enemy?

  • A girl called Clara
  • The King of the Mice
  • Drosselmeyer the Magician
  • Dr Almond

Question 13 Photo

At lavish Christmas feasts in the Middle Ages, swans and peacocks were sometimes served "endored". What does that mean?

  • The feet and beaks were coated with gold
  • The guests knelt in adoration as the birds were brought in
  • The birds had been raised on grain soaked in brandy
  • The flesh was painted with saffron dissolved in melted butter

Question 14 Photo

All through the Christmas season in old England, "lambswool" could be found in the houses of the well-to-do. What was it?

  • Imitation snow used in decorations
  • A brew of hot ale with roast apples floating in it
  • The material used for knitting Christmas gifts
  • A fluffy confection made from almonds and sugar

Question 15 Photo

"Take care you don't take too much, Be not greedy in your clutch, Snip, snap, dragon!" What is "the dragon" in the Christmas game of Snapdragon?

  • Flames of burning brandy
  • A costumed child
  • The oldest male in the room
  • A snapper made from fireside tongs

Question 16 Photo

In Victorian times, most Londoners would have been familiar with the "goose club". What was it?

  • A pantomime troupe specialising in slapstick
  • A stout stick used for slaughtering geese
  • A banjo like instrument used for door to door caroling
  • A method of saving to buy a goose for Christmas

Question 17 Photo

In Victorian England, turkeys were raised in Norfolk, and taken to market in London. How did the turkeys get to London?

  • They were herded by sheep dogs
  • They flew
  • They rode in huge wagons called turkey vans
  • They were supplied with boots made of sacking and leather

Question 18 Photo

The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. Where did it originally grow?

  • Canada
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Spain

Question 19 Photo

One Christmas ritual is the British monarch's broadcast on Christmas day. The first was given by George V in 1932. Who wrote the king's speech?

  • The King himself
  • Enid Blyton
  • Winston Churchill
  • Rudyard Kipling

Question 20 Photo

Which country gives the UK a Christmas tree as a present each year?

  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Norway