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Merlin Secrets and Magic TV show Quiz

The quiz on some of the spells that Merlin has to offer but some other questions too. Do you know your Merlin spells 15 Questions.

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What is the Spell for "Move the powerful javelin" from the episode Lancelot?

  • Bregdan anweald gafeluec!
  • Berbay odothay arisan yeldo.
  • Bebeode thay arisan ablinan.
  • Marouf kino toyno.


In which order was these spells first said?

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  • Forbearnan firgenholt.
  • Bebeode thay arisan ablinan.
  • Onstyrian, onbregdan!
  • Bebeode thae arisan cwicum.


Match the correct Definition to the Correct spell?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Svelt, Merlin!
  • Forbearnan firgenholt.
  • Bebeode thae arisan cwicum.
  • Forbearnan!


  • Burn mountain wood.
  • Die violently, Merlin!
  • To set fire to.
  • Command thee arise.


In order match the correct spells to how many times they have been said throughout all the series.Note: These don't have to be by themselves but can be in a sentence too.

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  • Bregdan anweald gafeluec!
  • Svelt, Merlin!
  • Tuck von phrixur, Artur.
  • Forbearnan!


Can you think of the first spell that Merlin actually said out of all of these.

  • Unheran achtung bragdan.
  • Forbearnan!
  • Allinan.
  • Vaki verlik!


What is the colour of merlins eyes when he cast a spell.

Type in the correct answer


How many Merlin episodes have there been and will be until the end of season 4 and none after that.

  • 42
  • 45
  • 43
  • 44


Which season was the extras Merlin Secrets and Magic show based on.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4


What was the name of the girl in the episode Lady Of The Lake?

  • Freya
  • Lady Helen
  • Lady Catrina
  • Lamia


In order of appearance, put the 4 people below in order?

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  • Morgana
  • Merlin
  • Gaius
  • Uther Pendragon


In which order did these episodes come in.Note: These could be from all the seasons

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  • Queen of Hearts
  • Labyrinth of Gedref
  • The moment of truth
  • Beauty and the beast


What happens to the guests at the festival in Season 1 Episode 1 when Lady Helen sings

  • Fall asleep
  • Die
  • Float
  • Cast spells


In order what happens to merlin out of these four things

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  • Pelted with fruit
  • Poisoned
  • Attacked by Nimueh (By the spell Forbearne)
  • Attacked by Dorocha


What is the name of the episode where (he first appears) a man called Edwin Muerden enters the show?

  • A remedy to cure all ills
  • Beuty and the beast
  • Gobllins Gold
  • Valiant


What is the name of the actors in order who play:Merlin/Gwen/Arthur/Morgana

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  • Katie McGrath
  • Bradley James
  • Colin morgan
  • Angel Coulby