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The House of Stuart

The Stuart Dynasty from 1542 to 1714 8 Questions.

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Mary Queen of Scots ascended the Scottish throne on the death of her father in 1542 who was he?

  • Malcolm III
  • Robert the bruce
  • JamesII
  • James V


Charles I liked to have his portrait painted while standing on a staircase or sitting on a horse why?

  • To make him look more regal
  • Because he liked staircases and horses
  • Because he was only 4ft 7in tall
  • To let everyone know he was king


Who did Charles II marry?

  • Anne hyde
  • Catherine of braganza
  • Maria theresa of spain
  • Mary of modena


On his deathbed James V heard that his wife had given birth to a daughter is said to have exclaimed that his dynasty came with a lass and would end with a lasswhich lass did it end with?

  • Mary queen of scots
  • Mary II
  • Queen anne
  • Mary I


Who was the father of James II?

  • James I
  • Charles II
  • Charles I
  • Bonnie prince charlie


Which king was at the centre of the gunpowder plot?

  • Charles I
  • James II
  • James I
  • william III


Which year was Mary Queen of Scots beheaded

  • 1568
  • 1582
  • 1587
  • 1600


How did Henry Lord Darnley die?

  • He had smallpox
  • He was blown up and strangled
  • Fell of the battlements of a castle
  • Was drunk fell over and hit his head