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Nicknames Quiz

Most people make do with their real names. For some, however, they need another to set them apart. 12 q's - good luck. 12 Questions.

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Taken literally, who is this?

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Waspie
  • Sting
  • Simon Cowell


Shawn Carter is heralded as the King of Hip Hop. He is, put simply, loaded and his wife could be described as "tidy". But who is he?

  • Snoop Dogg
  • Vee Vee Eaves
  • Arrr Aitch
  • Jay Z


One of these was a member of Steps and is perhaps better best forgotten but do you recall the answer?

  • M
  • P
  • H
  • Y


In the mid 1400's, a delightful gentleman called Vlad Tepes earned what nickname?

  • The Impaler
  • The Rainbow Man
  • The Muffin Man
  • The Glad

Question 5 Photo

This man is Bismarck, German leader in the late 19th century, who became known as what?

  • Iron Fist
  • Iron Chancellor
  • Iron Claw
  • Iron Those


How did "Randy Mandy" help Sebastian Vettel win the F1 Championship this season

  • It is a pet pig on his fathers farm
  • It is engineer Gerhard Manderand's nickname
  • It is the name Vettel calls his car chassis
  • His girlfriend stayed away on GP weekends

Question 7 Photo

In the classic film "The Great Escape", what nickname was Steve McQueen's character Hilts given?

  • The Cooler King
  • The Hot Box Kid
  • Stiltz Hilts
  • Boomerang


Can you match up the music star with the band he/she is most associated with?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Suggs
  • Dappy
  • Fish
  • Sting


  • N Dubz
  • Marillion
  • The Police
  • Madness


Which King of England was known as "The Hammer of the Scots" and "Longshanks", a reference to his height?

  • William the Conqueror
  • Richard III
  • Edward VI
  • Edward I


Who is known as "the baby-faced assassin"?

  • Nick Clegg
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
  • Joe McElderry
  • Philip Schofield


Albert de Salvo acquired what nickname?

  • The Chicago Choker
  • The Boston Strangler
  • The Cincinnati Ferret
  • The Baltimore Tickler


You have just watched a 1-1 draw between the Baggies and the Potters. Which game have you been at?

  • Norwich v Wigan
  • Sunderland v Blackburn
  • QPR v Everton
  • West Brom v Stoke