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Latin Sayings

How well do you know Latin sayings? 8 Questions.

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What does the Latin saying "Sine labore nihil" mean?

  • Nothing without happiness.
  • Nothing without work.
  • Nothing without love.
  • Nothing without wisdom.


What does the Latin Saying "Veni, vidi, vici" mean?

  • I think, I work, I exist.
  • I breathe, I live, I love.
  • I came, I saw, I conquered.
  • I saw, I took, I enjoyed.


What does the Latin Saying "Carpe Diem!" mean?

  • Seize the day.
  • Enjoy life.
  • The day has come.
  • Forever together.


What does the Latin Saying "Homo praesumitur bonus donec probetur malus" mean?

  • Man was created by God.
  • Humans are creators of both their luck and their unhappiness.
  • Man is the ruler of the animals.
  • One is innocent until proven guilty.


What does the Latin Saying "Cogito Ergo Sum." mean?

  • I think Therefore I am.
  • I believe Therefore I am.
  • I breathe Therefore I am.
  • I love Therefore I am.


What does the Latin Saying "Amor vincit omnia" mean?

  • Love will prevail.
  • Love keeps us alive.
  • Love conquers all.
  • Love is life.


What does the Latin Saying "Beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere" mean?

  • To tell a lie is to burden yourself.
  • To accept a favour is to sell one's freedom.
  • Those who demand freedom is those who will receive it.
  • If you fight fair you shall win.


Who said wich Latin Saying?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • "Sunt facta verbis difficiliora." -Works are harder than words
  • "Alea iacta Est" -The die is cast
  • "Carpe Diem!" - Seize the day
  • "Aequat omnes cinis" - Ashes makes everybody equal


  • Seneca
  • Cicero
  • Julius Caesar
  • Horace