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Boudicca and The Romans

This quiz will really test your knowledge on the Romans during Boudicca's revolt. 20 Questions.

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Approximately, when did Boudicca revolt?

  • 1600AD
  • 90AD
  • 320AD
  • 200BC


Which is the order of these TRUE events?

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  • Boudicca is captured, and swallows poison
  • London is destroyed
  • Boudicca's husband dies and Romans take her land
  • She destroys Colchester


Who are the two most famous Roman scribes writing about Boudicca's Revolt?

  • Shakespeare and C.S Lewis
  • Dio and Tacitus
  • Mario and Roster
  • Marcus Antonius and Nero


What was Boudicca's husband's name?

  • Antonius
  • Bob
  • Elagabalus
  • Prasutagus


Boudicca was a fearsome and mighty warrior, but which of the below were her tribe?

  • Romans
  • Celts
  • Housecarls
  • Brits


Which are the main places Boudicca destroyed?

  • Dublin, Aberdeen, and London
  • Gloucester, Sheffield and St. Albans
  • Lincoln, Colchester, and London
  • Colchester, London and St. Albans


How many children did Boudicca have, and what gender were they?

  • 10 males and 3 females
  • 11 females
  • 2 females
  • 3 males and 2 females


One of the reasons Boudicca attacked Roman cities is that she was provoked. Which one of these things are real ways she was provoked?

  • Her servants were murdered
  • She was whipped and put in the stocks while watching her daughters being raped
  • Her clothes and food was stolen
  • She was stabbed, but not fatally.


Which formation did the Roman army use to help defeat Boudicca?

  • Wedge
  • Line
  • No Formation
  • Huddles


Who was the governor of Rome at the time of Boudicca's revolt?

  • Julius Caesar
  • Emperor Nero
  • Marc Anthony
  • Suetonius Paulinus


Before her husband died, what did he think of the Romans?

  • He liked them and was friendly with them
  • He was locked in a battle with them
  • He had no opinion
  • He had never met them


Around where was Boudicca and her tribe based?

  • Thetford, Norfolk
  • Branston, Lincolnshire
  • London
  • Colchester


What language did the Romans speak?

  • English
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • They didn't


How many men did the Roman army have in the final battle against Boudicca?

  • 100,000
  • 200,000
  • 10,000
  • 100


How many men, women and children did Boudicca have fighting for her during the final battle?

  • 1,000,000
  • 1000
  • 2300
  • 230,000


Another reason Boudicca was mad at the Romans was because they killed some very special and sacred people belonging to Britain. But what were they called?

  • Priests
  • Druids
  • Popes
  • Leaders


What were the Roman names for Colchester, St. Albans and London?

  • Colundum, Albanus and Londum
  • Camulodunum, Verulamium, and Londinium
  • Colcestorius, Veraubus, Londinius
  • Colchestus, Alestus, and Londinus.


What was another name for the Celts?

  • Icy Tribe
  • Ici
  • Iceni
  • Celtistius


Boudicca's warriors were deadly. How did they dress to battle?

  • Sometimes naked, with a necklace and blue paint.
  • Toga
  • Full armour
  • Nothing at all


What is a true description of Boudicca?

  • Ugly with rotten teeth and lank hair.
  • Very beautiful with long blonde curls.
  • Gorgeous, with deep, fierce red hair.
  • Deeply uncivilised and unattractive.