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  • Ally McBeal Quiz
    A small quiz about the wacky law firm, Cage & Fish
  • Video Game Trivia Quiz - Nintendo
    A quiz dedicated to bits of trivia about all things Nintendo.
  • Birthstone Quiz
    A quick quiz to test your knowledge on modern birthstones and their corresponding months. *Note: Some of these are different from Zodiac birthstones.

General Quizzes

  • Today's News 11/09/2013 Quiz
    From the anniversary of 9/11 to Syria's dilemma , better check what you know!
  • First Names Quiz 42
    Simply select the correct first name of the famous person depicted, (or is it that simple!?)
  • General Knowledge Quiz # 178
    Today I am a bit busy so might not be able to do as much , in this mix from actors to book learn something new , better check what you know!

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  • The insect quiz
    Do you know all the insects??????
  • Name That Worm Quiz
    Can you identify the common 'worm' names of these organisms with the aid of their question and picture clues?
  • The Body Quiz
    From the nervous system to the pancreas , white bloods cells and forehead , better check what you know and learn something good too!

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