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  • Two Faced Celebrities Quiz
    Can you guess the celebrity by their real name?
  • Slightly Weird Quiz
    The picture may be slightly weird, but can you spot the celebrity within?
  • Famous Clives Quiz
    'Clive' unfortunately appeared on The Baby Centre's list of 'endangered' baby names in 2017. How well do you know these famous bearers of the name?

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  • A Look At Islam Quiz
    Islam is spread around the Eastern part of the World and made many traditions and culture better check what you know!
  • A Look At Christianity Quiz
    Christians believe in the teachings of a man named Jesus , who was called Christ by his followers better check what you know!
  • Anagrammix Quiz 53
    Anagrams on a wide mix of subjects, can you select the correct option?

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  • Function Keys Quiz
    This quiz is about the Function keys(F1 to F12) used in Keyboard.
  • Fruits Quiz.
    Fruits Quiz. Fruits Mixer @ General Knowledge Trivia Quiz @ 70
  • Alcohol and Human body Quiz
    Alcohol's good and bad effects in the human body. It's influence on various enzymes, tissues, organs, and how it is metabolized and excreted.

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