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Chat Guidelines

The Triviala chat facility is a fun and enjoyable place to talk to other Triviala players while you play our online quizzes and games.

We want you to enjoy our chat rooms but remember to treat other players how you'd like to be treated yourself.

Please read these Chat Guidelines which are a few simple rules to ensure everyone uses our chat rooms in the right way and protects their personal details online.

These rules are part of the Terms and Conditions which each player agrees to when the registered on Players who blatantly break these rules may be removed from the website.

Chat hosts may sometimes remind everyone in the chat rooms of these rules, but it's good for players to be familiar with them too. The chat room rules

  • Choose a friendly username
  • Try not to give out any identity details, including telephone numbers, names and addresses etc
  • Please don’t use offensive or aggressive language
  • The Chat Host is a friendly figure of authority in the rooms
  • It goes without saying that players must not slander, threaten, or abuse players or Chat Hosts
  • You are not allowed to advertise or promote other companies or websites in the chat rooms
  • Racism and other forms of discrimination are never tolerated
  • Any chat which is overtly sexual could offend and upset other players so please don't use sexual language in the chat rooms
  • We never allow promotion of any drug related activities. However, debating the subject is allowed provided it's not pro-drug use or offensive to others
  • All illegal activities are disallowed. These include stalking, hacking and gang activities
Have fun, chat to you soon! Boodle

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