1. I tried to validate my email address but it is not working requires players to register to use many parts of the website. When you create an account, we send an automated email to the email address you specify. Please note that this could take up to an hour to arrive. Sometimes automated spam filters catch our emails. Please check your bulk and spam directories in your email account for our message if it does not arrive. Please also check we have your correct email address by clicking here

2. How do I change my password?

To change your password, select 'Account Settings' from the homepage or by clicking here

3. I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by clicking here

Enter your email address, and we will email you your password to the email address that you gave us when you first opened an account. This can take up to an hour. Please note that some email providers may tag our email as "spam" or move it to a "bulk" folder. Please check these areas for our email if it does not arrive.

4. I've asked for my password but the email never arrived.

It may take up to an hour for the email to arrive, although it should be there straight away. Please check in your spam or bulk mail directory. You should also check your registered email address.

5. How do I change my email address?

You may change your email address from the 'Account Settings' link from the homepage. Then select 'Edit' under your email address.

6. How do I change my avatar / picture?

Every member has the ability to change their user photo / avatar. These can be changed under the 'My Home Page' then 'Update profile & avatar'.

7. Is Triviala on Facebook?

We certainly are! Learn more by visiting the Find Triviala on Facebook page and the Triviala Twitter page.

8. Do Triviala have Chat guidelines?

Yes. We do not allow advertising of other sites, sharing of personal information swearing or flooding. Any member found to have broken these rules or to be acting inappropriately will be ban from the chat facility. Please be aware that if members decide to break any of the rules they run the risk of their account being closed. Please read through the Triviala Chat Guidelines for further details. Chat is currently only available on Facebook QuizWiz game and on the Triviala LIVE lobby area.

9. I have been banned from chat. How long does this ban last and can I appeal it?

Chat bans are given when players violate the Triviala terms and conditions which they agreed to abide by when they register. The length of a chat ban is at the discretion of our staff and will depend on the circumstances upon which it was made. Members can appeal against chat bans by emailing for consideration.

10. I have found a problem with the site, what should I do?

If you come across a problem or would like to provide feedback about the Triviala site please email us on .We would really appreciate you comments.

11. Can I delete my Triviala account?

Yes you can. At the bottom of the Account Settings page, you can click on Delete. This will open a brief deactivation form which will be emailed to Triviala admin. Please remember that it is not possible to re-establish a user after it has been deleted.

12. Is the home page/my home leaderboard a reflection of skill/intelligence?

No. The homepage/my home leaderboard is a measure of site activity, so take Triviala offers or complete surveys you will gain more crowns. Skill and intelligence is reflected in each particular game, as each game has its own leaderboard.


13. How can I earn the most crowns?

Here is an example of how many crowns you can win throughout the

  • 10 crowns on registration
  • 20 crowns for completing the optional demographic questionnaire
  • 2 crowns for optionally completing each additional daily demographic question
  • 100 crowns for uploading a photograph (once only)
  • 50 crowns for referring a friend who goes on to register
  • 50 crowns for submitting a quiz or 60 crowns for submitting a picture quiz
  • 10 bonus loyalty crowns for every 100 crowns you earn
  • 50 crowns on your birthday!
  • 50 crowns for putting a link on your site or blog
  • 10 crowns for submitting a question
  • 10 crowns per User Generated Quiz played (once per quiz)
  • When you create a quiz, every time someone plays it you will receive 2 crowns
  • 10 crowns if your User Generated Quiz is picked for our daily Twitter feed
  • 10 crowns just for logging back in every day.
  • 20 crowns bonus for logging in every day for a week
  • 100 crowns bonus for logging in every day for a month

14. Why have I lost crowns?

Every now and then you will come across a timed 30 sec. booby trap question; get this wrong and you will lose 5 crowns. Get it right and you will win 5 crowns. Your account will never go below 10 crowns.

15. I am listed as a winner on the map, can people see where I live?

For your privacy your location will only be down to town/city level and not down to postcode level of detail.


16. How can I make my own quiz?

Creating a quiz is a lot of fun and really easy to do. Please visit the Triviala Quiz Builder and create your own quiz. Also it might be best to see the Quiz Builder Guidelines page here to clear on the procedure. You are able to submit as many quizzes as you wish.

17. What countries are allowed to register and play?

Anyone throughout the world can play Triviala apart from African countries please see more detail in our terms and conditions.

18. Why won't the games load?

If you find that the games are not loading on your screen it could well be that the version of flash player that you have is out of date. Upgrade to the latest flash player for your system here It is also a good idea to upgrade your internet browser and clear your cache also if that does not solve the problem.

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FAQ last updated 23 Sept 2013

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