Triviala Summer news!

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Hi guys. So it’s officially the start of the summer holidays (well that’s because the kids have broken up from school!) so what are all your plans?

Let’s hope our month bout of sunshine hasn’t come to an end…we’ve still got August!

As you are all aware, one of our Triviala colleagues is currently en route to Mongolia competing in the Mongol Rally. And it’s all for charity of course, Christina Noble Children’s Foundation to be exact. Triviala are our teams main sponsor so keep your eyes peeled for regular updates about the boys, the car, their location and generally how they are getting on on their trip of a lifetime!

So it’s been a while and we’ve had LOADS of quizzes being submitted. We can see you’re all still a fan of the Daily Hot Topic feature and Coin a Word on Facebook is fast becoming a top game with the number of users sky rocketing daily. So if you haven’t seen what all the fuss is about, get playing it now!

Fancy earning yourself an extra 100 crowns??

It’s simple. All you need to do is leave your Triviala username on our Facebook page, Coin a Word’s wall and on the wall for QuizWiz and you’ll get yourself loads of crowns. So get Facebooking!


Here are some summer stats for you guys:

We’ve had heaps of quizzes recently and it seems you guys are really getting into your ‘old school education’ and general knowledge so check this out!

3rd most played quiz of the week: Word Quiz (harder this time) by KeleeyMoz with 298 plays

2nd most played quiz of the week: Ultimate Lead Singers created by larsenb managed 312 plays

MOST played quiz of the week: Are you Smarter than a 10 year old? by gillycotwolds had a whopping 342 plays!

50 crowns coming your way Gilly!!

Our top UGC quiz player of this weekgoes to:

bookgranny1 who has played a HUGE 122 quizzes this week! Well done…

50 crowns are on their way to you bookgranny1!

And now for the big one, all you guys deserve a pat on the back as this week you have been excellent…playing a MASSIVE 22,432 quizzes!

Talk about being know it alls :)

Ok guys, that’s it for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend and fingers crossed it’s a hot one!

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