Triviala Sponsors Team in Charity Car Rally

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Hi there,

We are ‘MONGOL MADNESS’ and we’re soon to embark on a 20,000km journey from London to Mongolia in nothing more than a tiny 1 litre Suzuki Alto.

That’s right, this slightly ridiculous journey crossing a multitude of countries that most people haven’t heard of, let alone want to set foot in is all in the aid of charity!

Starting from London on the 24th July 2010 we plan to arrive in Ulaan Baatar on the 22nd August while raising money for a great charity called; Christina Noble Children’s Foundation Limited. (

3 guys, piloting 1000cc’s of raw power will cross 20 odd countries, the likes of which include Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Borat’s famous homeland, Kazakhstan. If that’s not enough there are 3 deserts and 5 mountain ranges trying to stop us from reaching the finish line in what most grannies would use to go to the shop and back!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Triviala for giving us a substantial contribution towards our trip and charity. It has really made our job easier by getting behind us and our charity. We hope to send through the few updates and photos along the way to share our experiences.

If you’d also like to support the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation please visit this site to donate.

We hope all of you will keep popping back to follow our progress on what I’m sure will be a mishap fuelled adventure.

Below are a few pics of us getting the car ready for launch this Saturday.

Scott, Ben and Jason








Triviala sponsors Canada Day celebration!

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On Thursday July 1st, Canada turned 143 years old and Triviala was there to celebrate!

Triviala is proud to have been a sponsor of this year’s Canada Day celebration. We spent the entire day recognizing Canada’s birthday at Trafalgar Square. In between the street hockey, sets of street performers, and bands, Canada Day host and Triviala’s very own Wade McElwain got to test the enormous crowds on their knowledge of Canada. Questions included every aspect of Canadian life, from geography to poutine, and participants ranged from young children to adults.

We were really happy to see how involved everyone was, and only regretted not being able to include everyone in our competitions!
Congratulations to the winners of our live versions of Faceoff, who won tickets to Cirque du Soleil, and to all the participants of our quick rounds of trivia who earned themselves a snazzy Canada Day tee shirt, sponsored by Triviala.

Stay tuned for more events sponsored by Triviala for a chance to win some fantastic prizes. And for those of you who could not join us at Trafalgar Square to celebrate all things Canada, here are some great pictures!

Canada Day!

Canada Day in Trafalgar Square

Triviala t Shirts

pic 5

pic 4


Win a Football Shirt on Triviala

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Triviala would like to congratulate both of our World Cup Daily football shirt winners, Yvonne14 and Cmoran!

Triviala has been really getting into the World Cup spirit. We have been celebrating this sacred month by giving away one free international jersey of the winner’s choice in a draw at the end of each week. To enter, all you have to do is play our challenging World Cup Daily Quiz and make sure that you are updated on the recent happenings of the tournament. So far, Triviala has given away two international jerseys to the winners of our Daily World Cup Quiz. If you haven’t been playing, or you just haven’t been lucky yet, no worries! Triviala will be doing three more draws in the coming weeks, so make sure you give yourself a chance to win, and keep entering the draw!

Football Quiz

We are looking forward to our next draw, which will be at the end of the week, and can’t wait to congratulate the new winner.

So get playing and good luck, everyone!


Rage Against The Machine takes the Christmas number 1 spot

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After an anti-X-factor facebook campaign to “spice up the charts” Rage against the machine has beaten x factor winner Joe McElderry  to the Christmas number 1 spot.

The battle against x-factor winner began as a facebook campaign by Jon and Tracy Morter of Essex  who thought “it would a bit of a giggle to start a campaign to encourage people to buy a record with pretty much the opposite vibe to the X-factor’s winner’s ballad.”.

The rage against the machine song “Killing in the name” originally released in 1992 managed  to gain over 450 000 members on facebook.  Although not a traditionally festive song the UK public has responded to the negative campaign against the X –factor.

Jon the founder of the group was fed up with  Simon Cowell’s acts gaining Christmas number ones during the past 5 years and wanted to break “the x factor monotony.”

Play the new Rage Against the Machine Quiz here!

Rage Takes Number 1 Spot

Rage Takes Number 1 Spot


New Birthday Treat from Triviala

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Hey All,
I wanted to let you all know that we’re introducing an excellent and generous (if I may say so) awards system for regular players on the site. The first thing we’ve decided to do is award 50 crowns to each player on their birthday.  You don’t need to do anything to claim these- when your birthday comes up, login and you’ll see the crowns will have been added to your account.

Furthermore, starting today, players will receive bonus crowns for their loyalty. For every 100 crowns accumulated (spent or not spent), we’ll credit you with 20 extra. This goes for every 100 you have up to a total of 500, when you’ll be credited not 20 but 40 extra. Sound good? It is. Just login, play the games, and maybe send us a few questions, create a quiz or two, and soon you’ll be collecting your rewards.

I want to remind you all again that on Wednesday 1st April, here at Triviala we’re substituting the tradition of tricks and jokes with rewards.  All crowns earned that day will be doubled.  Not bad.

I’ve also been impressed by the popularity of our Celebrity Pedigree game- it’s had 500,000 players since it launched only 10 days ago. It’s been a hit from Brazil to Iceland, & we’re now working on launching the site worldwide. Keep playing – we need to know where to launch next.

Finally, if you haven’t checked it out already, look at our Facebook application, Celebrity Mutts. You can also become a fan of Triviala on Facebook, so why not add us while you’re there?
Have fun,


Check out our fun new ‘Celebrity Pedigree’ viral game!

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This week at Triviala we launched our new ‘Celebrity Pedigree’ game, which has had almost 4000 players in the past few days. The premise is simple: you start with a kennel of five celebrity dogs, and you breed them with each other to increase the value of your litter. What happens when you breed Pooches Geldof with Bark Obama? And here’s a small hint: if you’re not already a Triviala player, if you sign up to the site –for free- via the game, you’ll be credited with 50 crowns.

There’s also a simplified version of the game that can be played on Facebook, called ‘Celebrity Mutts’, which allows you to play competitively against your friends.
We’ve had another weekly Jackpot winner, ‘regallady’, who won £500 on Wednesday. Chances of winning in this draw are still comparatively high- we get many more entries to our draws for smaller prizes, so for those of you with a least 100 crowns to your name should enter for a chance to win the pig prize.
We’re still getting plenty of user-generated quizzes submitted, and each approved submission is credited with 40 crowns. In the next day or so we’re planning on rewarding users for submitting single questions to the site with 3 crowns per approved question – just look for the link on the triviala homepage.

More later,



First Jackpot Prize Awarded

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Jackpot Winner

£2000 Jackpot PrizeWe gave away our first big prize -£2000- this week, an important milestone for Triviala. The money went to a lucky (and deserving) winner, joseyposey, who has been playing on the site since its launch in January. Entering the draw three times, joseyposey was chosen at random by an independent company from the 250 entries we received. These are pretty good odds! The good news for all users is that, starting March 11th, our new Jackpot draw will take place weekly for a prize of £500, at a cost of only 100 crowns per entry.

As well as the large prizes, our Triviala draw now awards 40 players per week with £15 each, and still only costs 10 crowns to enter. There’s no upper limit to entries, so the more you play and enter, the more likely you are to win. Here is a list of Triviala winners. We also want to encourage you to recommend the site to your friends – not only will this earn you points, but once we reach 5000 users, our Triviala draw will give away bigger prizes of £25 each to 30 people every week.

Finally, another reward for loyalty and trivia mastery comes in the form of our Quickfire draw. This competition doesn’t give away money, but instead rewards crowns to users with the highest cumulative score on the Quickfire game each month. If you’re the top Quickfire player, the reward is 300 crowns, and we also give bulk crowns to every other user who comes in the top 10.

More later,


We want more quizzes!

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To reward you for writing a quiz of between 8-30 questions, we’ll credit your Triviala account with 40 crowns (subject to quiz approval). Submitted quizzes can be on virtually any topic – to give you an idea of what other users have come up with, here’s a few of the User Generated Quizzes which have gone live in the last couple of days:

It’s extremely easy to create a quiz, and now could be the best time to start writing one –or several- on your favourite topic, as our £2000 jackpot draw is now open. This prize will be awarded monthly, and an entry to the draw requires 200 Triviala crowns. Considering the monthly limit for crowns awarded for user-submitted quizzes is also 200 crowns, the quizzes you write could give you an extra opportunity to win the jackpot.

Additionally, all prize draws on the site are announced in realtime in an animated draw. If you’re near a computer at the following times, then watch our live winners’ announcements:

  • If you’ve entered Question Of the Day, then come back at 1pm the following day to watch the winner being announced.
  • If you’ve entered the weekly Triviala Draw, watch at 1.30pm Monday for a list of all the winners.
  • Jackpot draws take place every month – our first live draw for the £2000 prize will be at 2pm, March 1st

So keep playing the games, writing your quizzes, uploading your photos and recommending the site to friends to earn crowns for entering the draws. If you have photos to send us of your winning cheques, these can also be submitted for a crowns bonus…

See you on the site!


Quick win Triviala crowns – how to get fifty easy crowns in Triviala, without the trivia!

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QOD Winner (helentrue)

QOD winner helentrue

I thought I would share with you one of the Question of the Day winners from last week.
Helen (helentrue) won £20 pounds on the 13th Jan and has recently sent us a photo to post on my blog.

If you would like to send me a picture(s) of yourself with your winner’s cheque I’ll be more than happy to post them up.

To help out with increasing your chances of winning cash prizes, I’ve listed below a little inside knowledge of all the ways of gaining crowns on the website.

How to win crowns on Triviala:

  • 2 crowns for each Triviala question answered correctly
  • 2 crowns for each demographic question
  • 5 crowns for a correctly answered ‘booby trap’ question
  • 10 crowns for each correct Jackpot question
  • 10 crowns for recommending a friend
  • 10 crowns for uploading a photo
  • 20 crowns for users linking into the Triviala site from their blog or webpage
  • 40 crowns for an approved User Generated Quiz

Good luck and have fun!


What does Trivia mean?

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Whilst Triviala website is being prepared for the launch, I’ll be sharing with you some information about the fun world of trivia. Keep note of everything I say, because when Triviala launches I may ask you a few questions in one of our many online quizzes.

So what is trivia? I was looking through Google today and there are so many definitions.

1.“Trivia (singular: trivium) are unimportant (or “trivial”) items, especially of information. In the late 20th century the expression came to apply more to information of the kind useful almost exclusively for answering quiz questions: a perfect “trivia question” is one that initially stumps the listener, but the answer subsequently sounds familiar once revealed (otherwise the question would be considered either too familiar and therefore not trivia, or so unfamiliar and obscure as to be unanswerable and not as entertaining). The study or collection of trivia is known as spermology, which literally means collection of seeds.”

From Wikipedia

2. “Trivia – Puzzles that rely on some amount of cultural knowledge, such as a crossword.”


Trivia” comes from the Latin for “Three (tri-) and road (via)” meaning the junction of three ways where travellers would meet to exchange information of the places from which they had come and gather information on the places to which they were bound. This information could, for the most part, consist of gossip and rumour, which was interesting but of little use, just like “trivia” today.” “Trivia is the plural of trivium, a Latin word meaning “meeting of the three roads.” It entered English through the academic world. The trivium was the three liberal arts (grammar, rhetoric, and logic) in 15th century universities. (The other four Liberal Arts were the quadrivium: arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, but that’s another story.)” “So “trivium” and “trivia” in this sense refers to things only of use to an academic, and by extension came to be any knowledge with no direct, real-world use.”


3. Here is my definition of Trivia, as it applies to Triviala:

Trivia is a collection of topical questions, covering a series of fulfilled subjects, past, present and future which will be asked by the Triviala Master. Triviala will include a wide range of questions for you to answer from Music, Movie, Sports, TV Trivia, Christmas, History and more Trivia Questions. If you have a great idea for a quiz make sure you visit the ‘My Quizzes’ section and build your own quiz for all to play.

I look forward to hearing from you!

More later, Boodle