ATTENTION: Loads of new stuff on Triviala!

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Triviala is taking off big time and we’ve got so much new and exciting stuff we want to share with you!

We’ve got a cracking new game that’ll shiver your timbers, a fantastic new Facebook quiz application that is so addictive, you won’t even have time to update your status and even more chances to earn cash by believe it or not….shopping!

First up our new battleships style game:

pirate wars

Pirate Wars.

Ahoy there me hearties! Use your trivia knowledge to your advantage, gaining more ammunition to pitch your wits against the other pirates. The more you know, the more opportunities you have to place your ships strategically and you’ll win a treasure chest full of crowns! So go ahead mateys and show us what you got!


Are you fed up of waiting for something remotely interesting to pop up on your Facebook? Bored of status updates and endless requests to join “I lost my phone and need your numbers” groups, then QuizWiz is here to help! Play quizzes on as many topics you can possibly imagine, play against your friends and challenge them to some quizzical questions, make up your own quizzes, rate quizzes, slate quizzes and see if you stay at the top of the leaderboard! So why not give it a whirl….

cashback It really is as simple as this! Sign up to our great Cashback service, get a fiver when you join PLUS 50 crowns and then the spree can commence. We’ve got endless places for you to shop at online such as Boots, HMV, Next, Debenhams and Tesco you could receive up to 30% Cashback! There’s no obligation to buy it’s just the same shops, same prices but more Cashback. So start your retail therapy now!

Guys, let’s not forget Triviala’s usual great giveaways: being in with a chance to win £15 daily, be entered into a weekly £500 Jackpot draw and you could 20 quid just for getting our Question of the Day correct!

So hope this keeps you all going for now, enjoy!

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