Triviala on your TV…WATCH THIS SPACE!

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We’ve got an exclusive for all our Triviala fans and players out there, we’ve only gone and got our very own TV commercial!

Feast your eyes on this:

Cool eh??

Watch this space becuse we are going to be hitting your TV screens really soon, with LOADS new features, LOADS new games to play and LOADS more exciting things to come in the pipeline.

Excited? We are!


News today!

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Hi Guys

So the tournaments are taking off on FaceOff with loads of you winning tenners throughout the day! Not played yet…get on it and click here!! Our cash tournaments are at:






No excuses guys…you’ve got LOADS of chances!

Our latest winner from our Facebook Giveaway is lucky BarryReed who now has £50 in his back pocket thanks to Triviala on Facebook. If you want to be in with a chance to, you don’t even have to answer a question! Just enter by clicking on the giveaway tab…it’s simple!

While you are on our Facebook page why not have a peek at the new pictures from the Trivala sponsored Mongol Rall Race. Here’s a teaser of what you can expect….


mongol 2

mongol 3

Enjoy guys and leave us any pictures from YOUR summer hols and you can win some crowns! Sure you’ve got lots to choose from!


Summer might be over but still HOT on Triviala!

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Hi guys,

So summer is officially over but dont feel too down…theres LOADS of stuff going at Triviala!

Our weekly £50 giveaway prize on Facebook has had a record number of entries and we are giving out cash like theres no tomorrow! If you haven’t entered yet…where’ve you been?! It SO easy to enter…go on our Triviala Facebook page and click ‘Giveways’ one more click and you have entered!


Not played FaceOff yet? 5 times a da, YES 5 TIMES  A DAY,  you can play to win a £10 CASH PRIZE at these times:

9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm AND at 4pm on Saturdays there is a  £50 Jackpot winner chosen! How do you participate?

…simply by beating your opponents in answering correct questions! Play with people from all over the world, your mates, their mates, it’s anyone’s game!


PLAY FACEOFF NOW! (and try not get gunged on your elimination!)

Now for all you trusty trivia geniuses out there, here are some facts for the week:

You all played a whopping 23,586 quizzes this week…thats loads!

Now for the top quizzes of the week:

It seems now that the football season is back, you guys have been potty over the premiership! In at the top sport for most played quiz of the week is Large_Fries’ ‘The Football Grounds of England’ which had 631 plays!! You’ve got yourself 50 crowns Large_Fries :)

In at 2nd place is just straight up good old Trivia and Gastrick’s quiz ”Very Trivial’ which has been played 393 times. Awesome!

And our 3rd most played quiz of the week is ANOTHER general knowledge to get everyone mind’s racing and it’s daisyxyz’s quiz ‘General Knowledge (random)‘ which has had 391 plays in just a week!

Give them a play guys…and boost the plays even higher.

Our player of the week, who is clearly now a clever clogs AND has got themselves 50 crowns is……………………………


Congrats Bolty!

Hope you all have a fab weekend and get playing Triviala and winning CASH! Loads of it.


Sizzling Summer Facts!

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At last it seems the sun might be here to stay…for a while anyway. So make the most of it while you can guys!

We hope you have all been enjoying our new World Cup Quiz, updated daily with ALL NEW trivia about the tournament everyone is talking about. If you haven’t see it yet, where have you been?!

Check it out HERE.


Now, we can tell you are enjoying the Daily Hot Topic Quizzes and they keep coming top trumps in our  Top 3 ‘Most Played of the Week’ so this week, we’re going to let the next 3 down have a chance to shine!

In 3rd place: With  plays last week ‘Words, words, words‘ made by Canuck35.

In at 2nd place with a whopping 323 plays is ‘Loads of Music Trivia’ by doddjude.

And in at the top spot with the ‘General Knowledge Quiz to get your mind racing‘ Quiz created by dumbstruck got a massive 343 plays!

Our top player of last week has been a busy so and so and played a HUGE 110 quizzes last week….50 crowns are coming your way rhyslewy.

But all of you together deserve a big pat on the bag because last week….

20,450 quizzes were played by you clever lot!


Facebook Giveaway winner!

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Hi guys,

So as you know we’ve got 100o’s of Facebook friends and Twitter followers that we like to spoil with prizes and giveaways as often as we can!

So far we’ve given away cash, loads of crowns, signed books and loads more. At the moment, we are giving away £50 every week to one lucky Triviala fan. How do I do that I hear you ask? Well it couldn’t be any simpler:

All you need to do is log on to Triviala’s Facebook, go to the Giveaways tab and hit ‘Enter to Win’. Easy peasy right?!

Here is our latest winner £50 Facebook Giveaway Tracey Harman (Tamer) from Eastbourne, East Sussex. She was ecstatic about winning and emailed us in this to say:

A huge thank you to Triviala for my win ! I had forgotten that I had entered this competition, not only was it a surprise to win I was in total shock!
The £50 will go towards nice new beds for my Chihuahuas! THANK YOU :)


I’d say she sounds pretty happy right?!

If you fancy being in with a chance youself  to win £50 then go straight over to our Facebook page ASAP! You never know, it could be you up here next…. Good luck!! :)


Funny guy Dom Joly hooks up with Triviala!

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Everyone remember Trigger Happy TV?  The hilarious comedian and travel writer Dom Joly walking around with a HUGE telephone shouting  “HELLOOO” down it while passers by looked shocked?! Well this funny guy is BACK and with a new book in tow and what’s better, he has hooked up with us at Triviala to make a fantastic quiz about his new read “The Dark Tourist”.


So this is the deal, for the next 2 weeks we are going to ask you all 5 questions a day relating to the book then everyday one winner will be chosen from the highest scorers of that day and will win their very own signed copy of Dom Joly’s new book. Exciting eh?! But wait there’s MORE…. One grand prize will consist of a trip to London to meet the man himself and grab a bite to eat. Very cool.


Wanna be in with a chance? All you need to do is click right HERE and you can get playing!

Find Dom on Facebook too and see all his other upcoming news.

Enjoy guys and don’t miss out on these great prizes!


Triviala facts of the week!

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Hello all!

Hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend…what did you all get up to?

Our colleague has returned safely and all in one piece from his recent 1 month trip to Mongolia for the Mongol Rally.  But please keep your eyes peeled for all the gossip, photos, blog entries from his trip which we will be posting over the next few days. There’s just too much!


As always, you guys have been playing in your 1000′s and we’ve had some really good quizzes in of late. Will be expecting loads of X Factor and reality TV show ones too as the season has begun already!

Last week we had loads of plays on the following quizzes so here ya go…..

Fancy rocking out? Microphone in hand and doing the air guitar? Play ‘Do you know who these rockstars are?‘ by lukegough2000 who has had 262 plays.

For all you bookworms out there who we can find curled with a cuppa and a good read, play ‘How’s your book knowledge?‘ by kazzzzz79 who had 281 plays.

And Quiz of the week goes to LillyFlower2 who’s quiz ‘How well do you know your celebs?’ got 381 plays last week!

50 crowns coming your way LillyFlower2!

Montage small3

Our top player of the week goes to:

ltang who managed a whopping 132 played quizzes! 50 crowns are all yours…..

And as for you crazy lot, you’ve done well…. 27,767 quizzes have been played by you all! Glad to see you’re keeping busy :)

Remember…we’re everywhere! Find us on Facebook where you can keep up to date with all the Quizzes of the Day and Daily Hot Topic Quizzes AND follow us on Twitter for comps, announcements and loads more!!


More News!

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Hi guys!

So can it really be true that yet another British Summer is over? Or are we all holding out for a little more sunshine?! Fingers crossed but I predict rain, rain and more rain over the next few weeks!

On a happier note, we’ve got some great news. You guys out there, ‘Mr and Mrs Know it all’s'  have managed to create just under 60,000 UGC questions since Triviala started! Thats LOADS! Give yourselves a pat on the back from us :)

If you’re a fan of our Facebook page (and if you’re not why not?! Do it NOW!) you will have noticed we have been advertising all our latest winners on our page… there have been so many lucky winners, it’s hard to keep up!

But now, when you win on Triviala, before you withdraw your prize you have the options to share your winnings with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter:


If that won’t make your mates jealous, I don’t know what will!


Once again, loads of quizzes have been played over the last few days. But the champion UGC player this week goes to….

gandalf1516 who played a whopping 168 quizzes. Well done, 50 crowns coming your way today!

The top played quizzes this week is quite a mix of music, movies and georgraphy. Intrigued?

1ST PLACE: Ultimate Lead Singers by larsenb with 348 plays. 50 crowns on their way to you!

2ND PLACE: Twilight Saga Movies Quiz created by chazspiers had 297 plays this week.

3RD PLACE: What is my Capital? by leisss whose quiz got 276 plays.

CONGRATS guys, you’ve been working hard, adding more to your knowledge database and have racked up a HUGE …. 24,872 number of quizzes played this week!

Have a great weekend guys and get Tweeting, Facebooking and Quizzing!


Fun facts and stats!

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Whilst we await the latest update from our team competing in the Mongol Rally, we’ve got lots more news, fun stats and facts to spoil you with!

We’ve got a FANTASTIC giveaway prize at the moment over on our Facebook page where you could be in with winning an unique, original Triviala t shirt. A huge amount of entries was seen in the last giveaway when the  lovely Johanna Sammut was lucky enough to win £50! So everyones in with a chance and with daily draws and Question of the Day winners, your chances are endless!

Check out the giveaway prize entry form here. A click of the mouse and you’ve entered!


If you haven’t already, please follow us on Twitter. On our Twitter page, we like to use it for all things possible. Be it letting you all know events, things to do and see at the weekend, congratulating our latest winners, sharing links to the fun and wacky and a way to answer any problems you might have with the site or any of our games.

So look out for our tweets tweeples!

Fun facts of the week:

Once again we’ve had a record number of quizzes played by you guys….in just a week you’ve played a whopping 23,610 quizzes! That’s HUGE!

The 3rd most popular quiz of the week goes to:

You DO see that everyday by Stubey who’s quiz has been played 335 times.

The Twilight Quiz, which never seems to leave the top 10, created by BabyRH was played 514 times

And staying at the TOP SPOT is gillcotswold’s quiz Are you Smarter than a 10 year old which was played 581 times!

Another 50 crowns coming you way Gilly!

Player of the week, playing 215 quizzes last week is:

zahid-ali-talpu… congrats 50 crowns are in your account!

Well done to all our winners, players and fans for staying quizzical! You can’t lose :)



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So we’ve had our first update from our colleagues doing the Mongol Rally Race! Good to hear they’re all safe and sound and making good progress.

So check out their blog and some FANTASTIC pictures…jealous much?!

Day 1:

24-07-2010 to 26-07-2010- England to Czech Repubic

“After months of preparation team Mongol Madness sets off from London on the 2010 Mongol Rally! Getting an early start we leave London at 7am headed for Goodwood Circuit and the first thing we notice is that the ‘Check Engine’ has just turned on.

Our ambitious early morning departure pays off and we’re the first team to arrive at the Mongol Rally Launch Party! In fact we beat the marshalls there. Once the other rallyers finally arrived we had a chance to check out the ‘competition’.

What impressed were the 50 fire engines and ambulances planning to make the journey too providing rescue services to the citizens of Mongolia. What didn’t impress us were the number of people not adhering to the ‘spirit of the rally’ rule and showing up in cars with 2.4L turbo diesels and 4×4′s.

Following our kick-off lap we depart Goodwood, in our fresh Suzuki Alto 1061 cc’s of raw power and fully decked out in all in the colours and sporting the logo of our sponsor Triviala. The next stop is up on the deck of the ferry leaving Dover. We snap some pics of the white cliffs and say goodbye to Great Britain, country number one sorted with many, many more to go.

We arrive at Dunkirk and head out through France into Belgium and due to some poor navigation work do a full extra lap of Brussels before finding our way out to Liege (which is spelled Luik on the local Flemish signs) and onwards towards Germany.

Pushing 2am we hit Cologne with the navigation team passed out in the passenger seats; a fitting end to Day 1.

Day 2:

After a long day of driving on Day 1 we allowed ourselves a leisurely drive over the Rhine, past Frankfurt and down into Bavaria, with Nurenberg being today’s destination.

Looking forward to pork knuckles and Paulaner we set out only to find everything in Germany is closed on Sundays. Breakfast for the second day in a row is eaten at the roadside. As we close in on Bavaria we discuss the famous Nurenberg Ring racetrack and decide that we should check out the Porsches and Ferraris hitting the circuit. So, before we hit the streets of the old town we decide to head out to the Nurenberg Ring. We receive some advice about it’s whereabouts and venture out to the approximate location, but something seems off. We are now at the steps of Hitler’s massive old parade grounds. The steps and buildings remain in place, unpreserved from their former condition . Grass and weeds grow over the steps as kids skateboard along the paths leading up to and in front of the old parade grounds.

Still in search of the racetrack we ask some locals if we’re in the right place… apparently we are but this still doesn’t look right. A campy German on roller blades comes up and after a short discussion we learn that the Nurenberg Ring we’re looking for isn’t actually in Nurenberg but about 300km away and more accurately it’s not even called the Nurenberg Ring, it’s the Nurberg Ring. Typical!

When asked what we’re doing in this little car with stickers all over it we explain to him the rally, the charity, the route… to this he responds “I’m zo proud of you. Zo proud. But you are crazy. But I’m proud of you. But you guys are crazy”.

On the way back we detour through Jacobsplatz and snap some pictures with the car and find a nice place to have our first meal of the trip not purchased from a petrol station.

Day 3:

Thanks to a relatively short drive today to the Czech Republic we finally we have some time to sort out some pressing issues. Our car stereo has been broken since day one and so we head off to sort out a replacement. A hundred euros and a massive treasure hunt later we once again have tunes delivered from a professionally installed stereo and we’re on the road. Breakfast consists of some much needed fresh fruit but once again is eaten on the road as we’re already a bit behind schedule.

The sky unleashes a torrent of rain down upon us as we say ‘chapeau’ to Nurenberg. We hit the Autobahn to find that not only is it raining outside but also INSIDE the car! Indeed our ‘custom’ roofrack which thus far has served us well has now turned on us and is providing the rain with enough of a gap to allow the weather to rain down us. We are getting soaked but cleverly devise a contraption to divert the water away from our heads and harmlessly to the floor.

Approaching Pilzen in the Czech Republic we get off the motorway and take the back roads in the direction of Klenova Castle and the Czech-Out rally meet-up.

Amongst the splendour of Klenova Castle we enjoy the complementary food and entertainment. The Czechs know how to throw a party and the festivities included fire spinners, live bands and a massive DJ tent.

The next few days will include some of our longest driving trips of the journey as we intend to reach the eastern border of Turkey by day number 8.

So watch this space for the next installment!

triv car starting linesetting off

parked upno campfirechurch