Triviala Summer news!

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Hi guys. So it’s officially the start of the summer holidays (well that’s because the kids have broken up from school!) so what are all your plans?

Let’s hope our month bout of sunshine hasn’t come to an end…we’ve still got August!

As you are all aware, one of our Triviala colleagues is currently en route to Mongolia competing in the Mongol Rally. And it’s all for charity of course, Christina Noble Children’s Foundation to be exact. Triviala are our teams main sponsor so keep your eyes peeled for regular updates about the boys, the car, their location and generally how they are getting on on their trip of a lifetime!

So it’s been a while and we’ve had LOADS of quizzes being submitted. We can see you’re all still a fan of the Daily Hot Topic feature and Coin a Word on Facebook is fast becoming a top game with the number of users sky rocketing daily. So if you haven’t seen what all the fuss is about, get playing it now!

Fancy earning yourself an extra 100 crowns??

It’s simple. All you need to do is leave your Triviala username on our Facebook page, Coin a Word’s wall and on the wall for QuizWiz and you’ll get yourself loads of crowns. So get Facebooking!


Here are some summer stats for you guys:

We’ve had heaps of quizzes recently and it seems you guys are really getting into your ‘old school education’ and general knowledge so check this out!

3rd most played quiz of the week: Word Quiz (harder this time) by KeleeyMoz with 298 plays

2nd most played quiz of the week: Ultimate Lead Singers created by larsenb managed 312 plays

MOST played quiz of the week: Are you Smarter than a 10 year old? by gillycotwolds had a whopping 342 plays!

50 crowns coming your way Gilly!!

Our top UGC quiz player of this weekgoes to:

bookgranny1 who has played a HUGE 122 quizzes this week! Well done…

50 crowns are on their way to you bookgranny1!

And now for the big one, all you guys deserve a pat on the back as this week you have been excellent…playing a MASSIVE 22,432 quizzes!

Talk about being know it alls :)

Ok guys, that’s it for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend and fingers crossed it’s a hot one!


Coin A Word on Facebook!

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Exciting news!

Triviala’s most popular game is now finally on available to play on the biggest social networking site Facebook. Play against all your friends, see who can make it to the top of the leader board and watch your scores soar sky high!

For all you quick thinkers, chatterboxes and those who have a way with words then this game is DEFINITELY for you!


We’ve got 2 great modes for you to play in AND they are both multiplayer. So if you fancy playing on your own or seeing who’s the Coin A Word champ amongst your friends, the choice is all yours.

Classic mode: make as many 3 lettered or more words as you can using the random letters provided. There’s bonuses to be had so keep a look out!

Coin Link mode: using the grid of random letters, try and link as many letters as possible to make words within the allotted time. Just remember the letter have to be touch in order for it to work. They can be in any direction so keep your eyes peeled and get creative!

Play it here now!

As you all know, we are no longer offering the £500 Jackpot prize but one of our very last winners has sent us in a cracking picture of herself and winning cheque…. so well done to Kathy Davey (snowdrop).

kathy davey

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and stay tuned for loads more surprises yet to come on Triviala!



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Over here at Triviala HQ, our talents are endless. Not only are we the largest online trivia website in the UK, where users can make their own quizzes, play against friends in trivia tournaments, play word, puzzle and trivia games AND win HUGE cash prizes….we also can tuck under our belt hosts of the first ever Triviala Quiz Night.

A few weeks backs we got involved with the IAA (International Advertising Association) with our very own Wade McElwain hosting the funnest night in town, a live and interactive Triviala Quiz Night. With games such as Celebrity Mug Shots, Guess the Song Music Mash and even a large and live version of our newest game Face Off it was a great success, with teams fighting it out to become the Triviala Quiz champions. So a big shout out to the winners…. CNN!!

Check out the FANTASTIC video below to see how the night unravelled:

Other news this week, it seems our DAILY HOT TOPIC quizzes have been keeping you all occupied over the last few weeks. Glad you like them all!

Fun facts for this week:

1st most played quiz- DAILY HOT TOPIC: Star Trek with 2356 plays

2nd most played quiz- DAILY HOT TOPIC: Doctor Who with 1960

3rd most played quiz- DAILY HOT TOPIC: Sex and the City with 1839 plays

Our cracking top player of the week goes to….

Prekat who played a HUGE 89 quizzes. You’ve got yourself 50 crowns!

And big claps all round to everyone who helped play all 22,013 quizzes this week….you clever bunch!!


Favourites of the week!

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As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, we are inundated with quizzes about the phenomenon that is Twilight. You all love it! Be it about Team Edward, Team Jacob, a huge quiz about the whole saga of books or movies, you can’t get enough! With the new film due for release at the end of June, we will be expecting loads more…

So for all the ‘Twi-hards’, here’s all our Twilight quizzes.

Here at Triviala we love the variety of quizzes we receive every week made by you guys. So here’s our top 5  favourites of the week:

Are you a tea drinking daytime TV watcher? Then test your knowledge on the number 1 gem on daytime TV and play our Murder She Wrote quiz.

For all the film fanatics out there, you need to play our Movie Connections quiz which tests your knowledge on not only the box office films but the directors, actors, actresses and sets in Hollywood.

If you’ve been watching Derren Brown and like all things scary then play pur latest quiz on haunted houses and ghosts….AAGGGHHHH!!


Who are the famous parents of Apple, Brooklyn and Zuma? Bronx and Phoenix? Check them out here.

The newest feature to Triviala is our Daily Hot Topic quiz. This week it’s all about the new Robin Hood film starring Gladiator star Russell Crowe.

There you go…our picks of the week!

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend



Love on set for BAFTA winner and Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan

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As the Oscars are nearly upon us, this Sunday is sure to be the biggest event of the year. And lucky Brit actress Carey Mulligan who has been nominated for the  Best Actress award is happy for another reason at the moment… her Transformers star boyfriend Shia LaBeouf.

“An Education” starlet Mulligan met the action hero on the set of their new film “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” last August and it seems the couple have been well and truly loved up ever since.


LaBeouf has been linked to co star Megan Fox and singer Rihanna but it seems he may have now found himself a talented English rose to call his girlfriend. Lets hope he escorts her down the red carpet on Sunday as to make their first public appearance together.

Michael Douglas who also stars in the follow up to the 1987 Wall Street classic, warned the both of them about the dangers of off screen relationships but also made  it clear that they are perfect for each other. He said: “I warned them, “Don’t ever do that”, but they are an item and they are having a great time.”

Well we have our fingers crossed for the sensational actress and after winning the BAFTA for the same award, we hope it’s in the bag!

For all our fantastic Oscars and Academy Awards quizzes click here from who won what to who wore what to who said what?!

Please follow us at Twitter too for all more gossip and showbiz bites.


Twilight stars FINALLY admit they’re an item…

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After months of speculation, rumours and trying to keep their unconfirmed relationship secret….Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tell the world they are a couple at long last!

The stars of the Twilight films who play the ‘irrevocably in love’ vampire Edward Cullen and mortal Bella Swan have come clean about their relationship which they have both denied for some time. The attention surrounding the lovebirds started when filming began for the second film in the saga ‘New Moon’. Since late 2008, they have tried to avoid all public appearances together as to not rouse suspicions…but we all secretly knew right?! They have constantly reiterated they were ‘just good friends’ but heart throb Pattinson revealed all on the red carpet at this years BAFTA’s.


The former Harry Potter star said: “It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes.

‘We can’t arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it’s impossible. We are here together and it’s a public event but it’s not easy.”

Wow! How long has he been itching to say that?! He must’ve also been very proud of his American girlfriend as she won the Rising Star award at the BAFTA ceremony. Despite not mentioning Pattinson in her acceptance speech, she did thank all the hardcore Twilight fans who voted for her as this specific award was voted for by the public. It was no surprise to see her take home the accolade as the Twilight saga is most definitely the phenomenon of the moment. However, I’m sure there are many a broken hearted teen (and a few adults…ahem) who will shed a tear over the recent announcement… but there’s always Taylor Lautner I suppose!

Do you know your Cullens from your Blacks? Alice’s secret power to Jane’s? Who said what in which book?! We’ve got SO many Twilight quizzes for you to play you won’t know where to start… so I’ll give you a head start! Find them all right here.



2010 set be the gloomiest year ever?

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2009 was the year of unemployment, busting banks and a wet summer that didn’t see the sun put his hat for long at all.

But as Britain continues to face the ‘big freeze’ and the coldest spell recorded for 20 years, it’s looking like a gloomy start to 2010. Over 1000 people from the UK and Ireland took part in a survey conducted by revealing that over the last decade, 30% asked were not looking forward to 2010 and cannot see the current economy taking a positive turn or recovering from the country’s state of recession.

Around a third of people said that they were basing their New Years resolutions around saving money with the usual promises of eating less chocolate, going to the gym more and curbing our bad habits taking a back seat.

Scott O Donnell, spokesman for said: “its not surprising the survey suggests 75% of people will be using more online discount vouchers in the coming year. We are all looking to the web for entertainment and ways to save.”

The survey also revealed that while more than half of the adults asked were looking to be taking less holidays this year, they were also expecting another rainy summer in the UK.

big freeze

However, we aren’t expecting 2010 to be completely full of doom and gloom as it seems the British public are feeling positive about our sporting stars and events this year. Still riding high on England’s 2009 Ashes win, Jenson Button with his F1 victory and the medal winning rising stars of the 2008’s Beijing Olympics, a staggering 70% of people are feeling positive and holding out for more sporting success this year. As we all know, nothing beats watching Wimbledon on ‘Murray Mount’ and cheering on England at the pub during the World Cup. The stresses of work and financial worries are put aside for those 90 minutes.

So whilst we have come to the end of the noughties and started the year knee deep in snow, all is still not lost! 2010 could be the year for change- let’s hope for more sporting celebrations with gold medals to boot and fingers crossed we are brought a hot, hot summer after surviving a icy cold winter.

Years we were not looking forward to

1. 2010

2. 2000

3. 2009

4. 2008

5. 2001

6. 2007

7. 2002

8. 2005

9. 2006

10. 2004


Thanks to all of the people who participated in the survey.


Simon Cowell says no to American Idol and yes to American X Factor

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Simon Cowell has confirmed this year will be his last as a judge on American Idol but will be launching a US version of The X Factor.

The music mogul signed a contract with Fox network and the search for a new Leona Lewis, Joe McElderry or Alexandra Burke will begin Autumn 2011. The new venture also marks the first project Cowell is teaming up with Sir Phillip Green for, the business tycoon behind Topshop.  With the success of the UK version behind them, the multi miliionaires look to become even richer!

simon cowell x factor

Syco, the  joint production company betweeen Cowell and Sony Music own and produce the X Factor format, meaning Simon will accumulate a more substantial amount of money via The X Factor as on American Idol he was paid only as a judge. Simon’s excitement was shown last night when he said: “‘I’m thrilled that we have put a date on the launch of the U.S. version of The X Factor, and delighted to be continuing to work with Fox”.

The X Factor is shown in more than 17 countries globally and is the most popular entertainment show in the  world. The UK entertainment TV formats are fast becoming the worlds leaders. There was ‘Pop Idol’, across the pond becoming American Idol, ‘Britains Got Talent’ was so successful we now have ‘America’s Got Talent’ with old X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne holding the fort and the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has been transformed into ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in the USA. Simon Cowell knows a good thing when he sees one!

Do you think stateside X Factor will be as successful as the UK’s? Will you miss Cowell on the American Idol panel?

To get you prepped and ready for a star spangled American X Factor in 2011, why not play one of our many X Factor quizzes? Test your contestants, judges and songs knowledge to the max!


8 Mile star Brittany Murphy dies aged 32

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The US actress Brittany Murphy collapsed at home in Los Angeles and was pronounced dead upon arrival at Cedars Sinai medical Center.  The star aged 32 is reported to have died from a heart attack.

She was found unconscious in the shower at her home which she shared with her husband British–born screenwriter Simon Monjack. Although the official cause of death is yet to be determined, the star seems to have died from natural causes.

Murphy starred in films such 8 mile, Clueless, Sin city and Don’t Say a word. Her family have said in a statement “She was our daughter, our wife, our love and a shining star. We ask you to respect our privacy at this time.”


Murphy’s ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher who co-starred with her in ‘Just Married’ paid tribute to her on twitter saying  “2day the world has lost a little piece of sunshine.”

Other celebrities have also paid their respects including Hillary Duff who wrote “RIP Brittany Murphy forever in our hearts”. Jessica Simpson also said “Brittany Murphy was an incredible ray of light to so many people. Her smile was contagious.”


Will you be watching Avatar this weekend?

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10 years after Oscar winning director James Cameron made one of the biggest films of all time ‘Titanic’, he now brings to the screen the ultiamte 3D sci- fi epic:  ‘Avatar’.

Set in the future, the story revolves around Jake a paraplegic war veteran, who is brought to another planet, Pandora. He is transformed into an Avatar, like the inhabitants of Pandora called the Na’vi, a  race with their own language and culture (cue the 12 foot blue quasi- humanoid creatures with pointy ears, flat noses and ethnic dreadlocks!)  Theres also the usual Hollywood love story so all us girls don’t  have to feel left out while all the action/ fighting/ alien stuff is going on!


The 3D spectacular reportedly cost over $300 million to make and is set to smash all box ofiice sales through the roof! The London premiere in Leicester went down a storn on thw 10th December and all the star cast turned up- Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez and Sam Worthington.

James Cameron himself made an appearence and said: “Finally everyone can see what this amazing cast have managed to pull off. I want to welcome everyone to the planet of Pandora”.  Cameron does mention the serious undertones concerning the film and the messages he wanted to convey about climate change and the environment. He says: ” We are causing a global climate change that’s going to be absolutely devastating to the coral reefs. Science is unable to keep up with our industrial society. We are destroying species faster than we can classify them.”

So will you be going to see the Avatar extravaganza? If its that little too cold to venture out, stay in and play some of movie quizzes on Triviala.

If you also fancy earning yourself some quick crowns, please fill out our ’2010 expectations’ survey here.